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Essay on “Role of Women in Indian Society ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Role of Women in Indian Society 

Essay No. 01

Democracy in India can be a success only when the Indian women are politically awakened. The political awakening cannot be an isolated phenomenon; it requires some changes in social structure so that woman can enjoy as important a place as man occupies. Moreover they should be free to express their opinion, to act as they like and to assert themselves in all departments of life. Unfortunately our customs and traditions conspired with her economic dependence to make her unimportant in our society. Parents hated the female child, husbands dominated them and the in-laws maltreated them. Under such circumstances no human being can develop his or her personality properly. If we want that women should also be enlightened participants in the working of democracy, it is necessary that their living conditions will have to be changed. For bringing this change only laws will not be sufficient. The hateful attitude of men cannot be weeded out till women face challenges and start playing an important role in society. One of the important responsibilities of women is that they should try to rear up their children in a manner that they become good citizens of the state. For suing so they will have to be properly educated, they will have to rise above narrow consideration, they will not be bogged down in the household chores. They will have to spare some time for the children who are the future nation. This does not mean that they are just to teach them books which they read at school. Rather they will have to inculcate the proper values of human life. Woman is most suitable for playing this role because she has patience which is necessary for handling a child, and the emotional touch which is necessary to work into the affections of the child. This role should be supplemented with restricting the size of the family because without doing so it will not be possible to educate the children properly. If the population explosion is somehow or other contained, it will save the country from a large number of hazards like unemployment, scarcity of food and abject living conditions.

Gone are the days when people used to think that man is for the outside world and woman only for the hearth. In fact by inducting herself in the outside world, she will be playing a more important role in the society. Women will be able to deal with the problems as they have the sense of the justice and consideration for the sufferer. It has been seen that women have proved to be better judges because they do not become mechanical in their outlook and ruthless in behaviour, they take a very impartial view, reason tampered with emotion, of all the problems. In the political sphere, it seems difficult to imagine a woman dictator and women politicians have been a great success because they look at the problems in a more methodical and balanced manner than men can. So, Indian women with their knowledge of handling the problem of the outside world should come to the fore, any try to find humanistic solution to the problem. If our life is humanistic perhaps a large number of the conflicts may be solved easily.

Women can play an important role in the society by preserving the culture and sub-culture of the country. As they have the imagination of an artist, insight of the most skilled person and conservatism of the orthodox, she is most suitable for preserving the culture of the country. She can make a mark in the domain of fine arts like painting, acting, dancing and music. Preservation of the culture is very important otherwise social aberrations will not allow the society to march forward properly. Even the most modern minded leader like Nehru did want to break with the past but he also wanted that the good things of the past must be preserved. This is possible if our culture is preserved through the cultural activities.

There are many hurdles in the way of women for playing their role properly. They have been so much entangled with the customs and rituals that it has become difficult for them either to spare time or to have a wider view of the whole life. In this respect the government will have to disseminate information properly. They should be able to play an important role. Similarly the economic dependence of women has made them subordinate to men. This subordination has been helped by the customs prevalent in India. Women should lead a life of honour and this has been beautifully illustrated by one of the world famous dramatist in his drama entitled `soap’. Till she becomes psychologically free she cannot play an important role. In addition to this she will have to take courage to defy all types of method which a man employs to keep her down. If she is able to change her attitude towards life i.e., if she starts thinking that she is destined to play an important role she will not be incapacitated by all types of inhibitions. In fact women should be allowed to play more important role in Indian society. Only then various problems of the society which are eroding our culture and also our social integrity can be checked. Till proper atmosphere is provided perhaps her role may not find recognition.


Essay No. 02


Place of Women in Society

Women form about one half of the total population of the world. Thus, they have every right to enjoy equal rights and duties with men.

It is, however, unfortunate that women have been neglected during the ages, particularly since the middle ages when they were pushed behind the four walls of the house and were forbidden to undertake any work which required calibre, enterprise and responsibility. They were considered weak, frail and inferior.

In ancient times women enjoyed high status in society. No yajna was considered complete unless a woman was present there. It is said that some women sages also wrote certain hymns of the Rig Veda.

In the present age, there has been a lot of awakening among women in many countries, particularly the countries which are partially or completely westernized.

Women have now got the right to vote. They have equal fundamental rights and duties with men. They are considered fit to be selected to most of the jobs. Now, we have women officers, judges, magistrates, advocates, teachers, doctors, pilots, engine drivers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, managers, etc. In fact, they are there in every field including sports, religion, dance, music, film industry, manufacturing industry, publishing industry, etc.

Modern women, especially in high society, are generally highly educated. But the condition of women in lower society, particularly in rural and slum areas, is still far from satisfactory. These women are still steeped in ignorance, illiteracy and superstition.

Crimes against women such as rapes, murders, exploitation, etc. are increasing these days in spite of the National Commission for Women and so many other bodies to look after the welfare of women. Day in and day out, we have so many dowry deaths. It is the need of the hour that more attention should be paid to women’s welfare and uplift.

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