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Essay on “Modern Indian Woman” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Modern Indian Woman


Women And National Economy


During the vedic period, women were held in great esteem and were treated as equal with men in every walk of life. No religious  rite sand rituals could be performed without the wife. The women were also given education like men. They enjoyed considerable freedom regarding the choice of their husband. But with the passage of time, they fell off that exalted position and began to be maltreated. They were never consulted in household affairs and were not allowed to take their decisions.

In the 19th Century, the girls were not sent to schools. Only the daughters of rich parents could get education at home. It was only by the efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar, Swami Dayananda Saraswati and some other social reformers that the women received some sort of education.

 Traditionally women are not treated as equal to men. They are dominated by men. They are made to work in the household, in the kitchen , look after children and be obedient to men for their happiness. Besides they have been disregarded, maltreated , and insulated in thousands of ways, earlier, they were not free to take part in politics even.    

In the nation’s development, human resources play a major role to contribute to the betterment of society. Our society depends on the human resources. These are the real and valuable assets of a nation. Here men and women go side by side in every field of life. We can see their working in the fields. Offices, schools, courts and in so many other organizations. We cannot ignore this large segment of population and allow it to remain unproductive. It is the major pillar in strengthening the nation’s income.

In Japan and Russia, women do every job. Japan was devastated by the Atom bombs but it again survived very shortly as its human resources laoured hard to set its economy. When a woman makes herself engaged in the productive work, not only the family but the country is benefited. The standard of life rises accordingly. The purchasing power increases and we can afford more amenities to our children. In an indirect way, it is an aid to the national economy. If both the husband and wife are at work, we get double packets of income. They can give better education and medical facilities to their wards. The economic security that a woman enjoys, brings a laughing cheer in the family. The entire family becomes a place of heaven on earth.   

Free India is passing through many changes. Social change is visible everywhere. The change in the condition of women in the country is taking place, though the change is gradual. She is coming into her own. She can no longer be kept as a domestic servant or a free cook in the house.

Now she has to play an important role in the development of the country. She is getting higher education. She is surpassing boys in academic excellence. No distinction  of the past is now made in the matter of education between boys and girls. Education is a promise to improve the position of women in India.

In free India like man a woman has the equal right of vote. She is now coming out of the four walls to take an active part in public affairs. She is growing self- assertive. Her voice is now as forceful as that of man. She fights for her rights with boldness. No politician or leader can now afford to rise against her right. She has an equal say or voice in making and unmaking the Government.

Hindu law has been amended and changed greatly, important changes have been made in the Hindu Marriage Act. Women have been given the right to (seek) divorce in certain cases. The Hindu Succession Act has given the daughters the right to paternal property. These changes have raised the position of women in society.

All careers and the door of services have been thrown open to women. They are taking to the professions of doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers , engineers , M.L.A.’s, M.P.’s, Deputy Minister, Ministers, Governors Ambassadors and what not.


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