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Essay on “Man and Machines” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Man and Machines

Today man can have many of his needs met by merely pushing a button. Machines have made a tremendous impact on the life of man. Invention of wheel was the turning point in man’s life. It set the ball rolling and new gadgets and machines kept on coming out of industries to take the drudgery out of man’s life. However, man who had invented machines to serve him, became too dependent on them. This has affected mans health, environment and the very life on the planet. Man should ensure that machines do not destroy him and save the life of all living beings on this planet from annihilation.

Science and technology have made tremendous progress in the last two centuries and almost revolutionized human existence. Every aspect of human life has been affected by it. Today, it seems almost unreal that there was a time thousands of years ago, when our primitive ancestors were at the mercy of forces of nature and spent their entire life time grappling with them and hunting for food to keep themselves together. It is indeed difficult for man to ever visualize their lives as today he can have most of his needs met by merely pressing a button. One cannot but help marvel at the ingenuity of our ancestors who with their perseverance and hard work managed to unravel the mysteries of nature and gradually learnt to live in harmony with  them instead of being in awe of them.

It has been universally acknowledged that the invention of the wheel was the turning point in human life. It is amazing how this single invention has contributed more to civilization than perhaps any other invention. It enabled invent means of transport, each faster than the previous one. Where earlier, man had to walk to get anywhere; today man has the choice of going by coach, wagon, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, train, steamer or an aeroplane.

There has been no looking back since then.  Man used his faculties to invent different kinds of machines to take the drudgery out of his life. It has always been man’s dream to have a kind of Aladdin’s genie who could serve him. Today man can easily boast of having invented machines which are always at his back and call. All he has to do is to press a few buttons. Life has indeed become comfortable with the inventions of machines. It has taken the drudgery out of everyday life. It is difficult to imagine life without them. In earlier times there were no rapid means of transport and communication. It is short of miracle that today we can travel around the world by air in less than 24 hours. We can communicate with our loved ones over long distance on telephone or send messages that reach them instantly Facsimile.

Machines have ma life the life of housewives easy. Today, there are many different kinds of gadgets which help a woman to do her work in minutes where earlier the entire day was taken up by tasks as cumbersome as grinding etc. As a consequences she has plenty of time on her hands to pursue her other interests.

There is no doubt that in this age of automation man’s life is more comfortable than that of his forefathers. However, it is a moot whether the quality of life has also improved. It may be argued that the life is easier, but it cannot be said with guarantee that machines have not had any negative impact on the life of  man.

Man had invented machines to serve him. But somewhere along the way, he became servile to them. Today, he is totally dependent on them and feels utterly helpless when a machine disobeys him. His whole life falls out of gear. Man has forgotten to use his body. He has more prone to disease due to lack of exercise. The human body is also like a machine. It has its needs. Exercise is one of them. It helps to keep the muscles and joint supple. All his needs are met by very few buttons. Thus, the very instruments which man had invented for improving his life are becoming a threat to his wellbeing.

Mans curiosity has taken him out of the space to explore life of on other planets. He has designed spaceships with his scientific and technical knowledge. Such exploration has really helped to satisfy mans insatiable urge for understanding the mysteries of nature and the quest goes on. But as long as outer space is used for gaining an understanding of our universe, it is fine, but when outer space is used to settle scores among not so friendly nations and leads to star wars, then the same knowledge and instruments become destructive and are a threat to mans existence and the planet earth.

It cannot be denied that the inventions of latest machines helped mankind in all sphere of life. The latest advances in technology have made it possible to treat diseases which were hitherto considered incurable. Food production and quality of goods have improved. When machines have benefitted mankind in so many ways, they have sincerely tried to avoid wars. In the event of a third world war, the whole world is in danger of annihilation. Human race may be wiped out from this planet as a result thereof.


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