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Essay on “Look Before You Leap” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Look Before You Leap

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Essay No. 01

It is true that life is leaping action, but one must look or consider before leaping. Life on this earth is full of hurdles and pitfalls, therefore, it is often dangerous to take a step without due deliberation and thought. Haste makes waste. Life than an imprudent and emotional man. Before plugging in a tank full of water, one should know the depth of the water. But do remember one thing, life is action and not just detain us for long. Only due consideration is necessary, more consideration may hamper action. And then in a situation that demands immediate action, it is always advisable to move without thinking too much.


Essay No. 02


Look before You Leap


Importance Of Caution In Life

It is important that we should look before we leap, because many people, especially young people leap into darkness without looking. Life is all darkness and we should not take hasty steps at any time of our life.

It is important to be cautious and careful at every step of our lives. The death of Sanjay Gandhi proves the importance of looking before you leap. He did everything rashly without using necessary caution and carefulness. That is why he died in the acrobatic plane of which he knew nothing. The plane was not tested properly and it was not airworthy. It was not intended to be used at a height less than five thousand feet, but he threw all the cautions to the winds and consequently paid a heavy price for his rashness. The death of Sanjay Gandhi should be an eye-opener to all the young people who are foolhardy enough to sow whirlwinds and reap whirlpools.

“Live dangerously” was a slogan of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru which he repeated to the gathering of the youth and advised them to lead dangerous life for the sake of adventure and the freedom of India. As a slogan “Live dangerously” is O.K. But caution is even more necessary than adventure and living dangerously. It is this kind of slogan which went into the blood of Sanjay Gandhi and cost him his precious life. It may be said that Nehru killed Sanjay Gandhi because Sanjay followed the philosophy of his grandfather and chose to live dangerously rather than cautiously and carefully. In fact, Sanjay did not look carefully in the darkness of ignorance before he leap to his death.

Living safely is more important than living dangerously. We must use caution and carefulness at every step of our lives. Anything can happen at any time. Life is a big chasm and there is only a hair-breadth’s difference between life and death. If you do not use proper caution, you do not know what may happen to you at any time of your life. The smallest negligence may lead to tragic events. Aero planes fall because of little caution on behalf of the pilots.

Something like the following proverb is common in the English language: –

For want of nail, the shoe was lost,

For want of shoe, the horse was lost,

For want of horse, the rider was lost,

For want of rider, the war was lost,

All war lost for want of a nail.

Essay No. 03

Look Before You Leap 

This proverb means we should think twice before starting any work. We should not start any work before examining all its aspects. Those who plunge into work without thinking have to repent at a later stage. Only fools rush into a new venture without applying their mind. Wise men do not start anything before considering all its aspects. Those who do little thinking come to grief in the long run. By the time they realize their folly, things go out of their control. Things done can’t be undone. There are people who do things in haste. The result is a wastage of resources, time, and energy. No doubt there are certain other people who have to take up decisions at the spur of the moment. But such situations arise only rarely. In normal situations, it is wise to think first and to act afterward. Success comes naturally to those who first plan things and then plunge into action. Hasty actions should be avoided.

Essay No. 04

Look before you leap

Before we do anything, we should think well about it and all its possible consequences. Hasty and thoughtless actions should be avoided because they could put us in trouble. Since it is not always possible to know in advance all the consequences of our actions exactly, we should be sensible enough to prepare ourselves to face all likely consequences. Risk-taking may be justified in certain cases in which its benefits are likely to be substantial. But, it is important that risks be taken only after due thought and with due precautions, in order to minimize the effects of possible failure. Proper thinking before our actions may also give us easier and better alternatives to carry them out.

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