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Essay on “Joys and Sorrows go Hand in Hand in Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If Winter Comes, Can Spring be far Behind


Joys and Sorrows go Hand in Hand in Life


Life—A Mixture of Pains and Pleasures


   The line “If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?” was written by Shelley.  If forms the concluding line of the poem ‘Ode to the West wind. Shelley is broken and dejected.  He is badly upset. He is bleeding profusely because the thorns of life are too many and are piercing too deep into his body.  He calls upon the West to help him out and bring about a regeneration in the world of men.  He is full of hope.  He is pretty sure that the dark clouds of sorrow cannot last forever.  They must be blow away by the fresh winds gathering on the other side.  He is so sure because he knows that if winter comes, spring cannot be far behind.

                Shelley’s is a very healthy and optimistic attitude.  He is perfectly right because in life, joys and sorrows go side by side. No state or condition of life is permanent or unchanging. Life is a mixture of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, pains and pleasures.  One should, therefore, learn to take life in a calm and dignified manner.  We should learn to be humble in times of prosperity and graceful in time of adversity.  Riches or joys should not turn our head; nor should adversity, misery or poverty dishearten or discourage us.  Things do not remain the same forever.

                The goddess of fortune keeps on changing her favourites.  She is too volatile to stick to the same place or the same person for a long time.  In fact, joys and sorrows revolve like a wheel in life.  Life is a vale of teas interspersed with episodes of happiness.  The weaker hearts, at time, lose hope in moments of misery, pain of adversity.  Some of them are driven to committing suicide or some other crime.  They do not know that bad times do not stay forever.  Darkness must be followed by light; never give up hope.  A pessimist never gets anything out of life.  He changes a victory into defeat and a success into failure.

                Every dark cloud, they say, has a silver lining.  There is, at times, something good in an evil. One can never be aware of all that lies in store for him.  May be that an apparently harmful thing may come out to be really useful in the long run.  Man must, therefore, go on doing his duty without caring for the reward.  Reward may be delayed but it cannot be denied.  We must plough our field and dig the earth; the hidden treasure will come to us even without our knowing it.  The fruits of labour may be late, but they are very sweet.  One must not lose hope in life.

                All human effort is based on hope.  A man goes on fighting, struggling and striving till he has even the slightest hope of success. Hope is an important part of life.  A sick man hopes to be well sooner or later; a poor man hopes to be rich; a man who fails, hopes to succeed some day.  It is hope that sustains life and provides a man with strength and energy.

                Winter is a season of dullness and desolation.  But it is soon followed by spring which stands for joy and beauty.  One must learn to be optimistic in life.  An optimistic attitude is a healthy sign. It makes a man self-reliant and fills him with a sense of confidence and hope.  It inspires him to fight his battles manfully with courage and fortitude.  Shelley’s quotation is full of optimism.  A man who make it a principle of his life and activity can never fail.  An optimistic attitude is bound to be crowned with success.  Man is the master of his own fate.  Success comes only to those who are brave and hopeful.  It licks the feet of those who arise, awake and do not sleep.  Pessimism is a curse whereas optimism is a divine blessing.


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