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Essay on “Iraq After Saddam” Complete Paragraph, Speech for Classes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Iraq After Saddam

More than one year has passed since the fall of Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. When the Saddam’s statue fell, it was American’s moment of triumph. There grand purposes had been fulfilled within a short span of three weeks. Firstly, the threat of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction had been eliminated. Secondly, the possibility that Al-quaeda would forge a strategic link with the dictator Saddam Hussein and acquire a new sanctuary in Iraq had been averted. Thirdly, the long suffering people had been liberated from the yoke of a blood thirsty dictator.

It was hoped that life would become stable and predictable and the world would see the end of a history. A democratic modern secular, Iraq would soon become a beacon for the other nations of west Asia to follow. Terrorism would also then be deprived of the soil which had nourished it so far.

Before invading Iraq, Bush, Chancy and Rumsfeld had convinced not only Americans but the invading armies as well that they would be greeted not as invader, but as liberators. The soldiers advanced on Basra, Najf and Nasiriya had expected cheering crowds and garlands. They met with rocket and bullets instead. The US blamed these on Fidayeen, a word that no one had heard in the context of Iraq till then, on Both party fanatics and Saddam’s Loyalists.

The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) stuck to this version of events long after American army personnels began to be that literally everyday and were forced into fortified enclosures to minimize causalities from which they only ventured forth in armed convoys. At last, Saddam was captured on Dec. 13, 2003. Instead the attacks on the Americans grew more focuses and deadly. It is a fact that dislike of Saddam couldn’t be translated into a liking for the invading army and again the US fell victim to its own propaganda.

Iraq’s now democracy had to be federal, secular, pro-American and at least not anti-Israel. Only one Iraqi group fulfilled these requirements is the Iraq National congress headed by former embezzler Ahmed Chalabi. That was why Jay Garner, the first CPA Chief, sized up the real situation in Iraq and proposed a very quick election in order to return power to the Iraqis. Today the gerrymandered `Constitution’ that USA seeks to impose on Iraq and the so called transitional government it will create, stand universally rejected.

As the terrorist violence in Iraq is keeping on, the road to self governance will be challenging but the progress is also impressive. The Iraqi Governing Council unanimously signed an Interim constitution which guarantees various rights to the people of the country.

Withdrawal of American Forces from Iraq : There are differences of opinion at the top of the U.S. Military over the occupation of Iraq, with some senior officers that the United States is facing the casualities for years without achieving its stated goal of establishing a free and democratic Iraq.

Their major worry is that the United States is prevailing militarily but failing to win the support of the Iraqis. That view is far from universal but fast spreading and being voiced publicly for the first time.

The prisoner-abuse scandal and the continuing car bombings and U.S. causalities create the image of a military that’s not being effective in the counter insurgency. Some leaders in America specifically want the resumption of economic reconstruction and the political progress made with Sunni Muslims in resolving the standoff around the city of Fallujah, and increasing co-operation from Shiite Muslims in isolating radical Shiite cleric Muqtada-al-sard. Some believe that there’s liable to be a lot of fighting in May and June, as the June 30 date for giving limited sovereignty to an Iraqi government approaches. The emergence of sharp differences over US strategy has set off a debate, a year after President Bush declared victory over Iraq, about how to end a festering insurrection that has stymied some reconstruction efforts, made many Iraqis feel less safe and created uncertainty about who actually will run the country after June 30. Both inside and outside the armed forces, experts generally are arguing that the U.S. military should remain there but should change its approach. Some argue for more troops, others for less, but they generally agree on revising the United States’ stated goals to make them less ambitious.

That strategic objective of a free and democratic Iraq is grandiose. Instead, it is predicted that if the Bush administration wins re-election, it simply will settle for a state Iraq probably run by former Iraqi generals, but it is important to note that there can be no stability in Iraq until foreign occupation ends, as it clear from the chaos and violence unfolding today. One more fear is there that anti-American “extremists” will disrupt the election for the national assembly. But if such Iraqis really want America to go, they will support an electoral process that leads to a US withdrawal.

Whatever be the political or economic outcome, the only way out for America and this is the last chance to be remembered as liberators is its withdraw gradually. President Bush promised the Iraqi people and the international community that our military victory would make Iraq a peaceful, democratic state, a model for its neighbours and a bastion against terrorism. The resistance movement has pinned down the expectations of US and it is being treated as enemy occupiers.

America must swallow its resentment and keep a measure of control by doling out the money to keep the Iraqi state functional $ 10bn ($ 5.6 bn) a year will buy more counter-terrorism co-operation than a military occupation that costs five times as much. The US faces two critical issues in Iraq. First is the necessity of genuinely engaging the international community in stabilizing the security situation, supporting the new Iraqi government after June 30 and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and economy. The US has proclaimed the principles of democracy and self-determination and must now abide by whatever results are consistent with the protection of basic international human rights. Iraq has become a bangle for America and America is searching a way to withdraw respectfully from Iraq. A lot of resentment is seen in America and in the armed forces too. Let us see what would happen there.


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