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Essay on “India’s Indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India’s Indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)


       Synopsis:  No defence system can be dependable unless it is indigenous. Self-reliance in define system and technology is of vital importance for India surrounded by belligerent and hostile neighbors. Development of Light Combat Aircraft indogenously in the country is a welcome step.  LCA would be the state-of-the art combat aircraft much advanced and more sophisticated than any other modern existing such aircraft. LCA would be test flown soon and would be inducted in ht eave latest by 2002. It would replace the MIG series of aircraft.  It will be 5 times more agile than the MIG-21.  This multipurpose fighter airplane will provide Indian Air Force the much needed cutting edge and capability to strike the enemy targets more accurately and efficiently.

            This denial of critical technology to India by vested interest and foreign powers can be really a blessing in disguise.  For example, the super-computer developed nub Indian scientists were 20 times faster than the Cray Supercomputer, the technology for which was denied to the nation by America in 1982-83.

            LCA can turn around 20 degrees per second and carry the load up to 4,000 kg. It can be equipped with laser-guided bombs, radar, guided missiles, anti-ship missiles and cluster bomb dispensers.  The induction of LCA has been advanced by 2 to 3 years and is likely to be an integral part of the LAF by the year 2002.

            The development of LCA has may spin offs as well, namely, development of adncaced materials, like carbon composites, platinum and titanium which could find direct application in biomedical and sports goods manufacture, while avionic system can be extended to remote sensing and cancer detection, and computer aided designing.

            Interception is also added by 2 medium range air-to-air missiles capable of shooting down and enemy aircraft.  These medium range air-to-air missiles on LCA WILL HAVE a RANGE OF AT LEAST 60 km. The DRDO is working on the Astra, an indigenously developed air-rot-air missile for LCA.  The LCA can also be boarded with short range air-to-air missiles of combat purpose. The LCA can provide very effective strafing at a high rate by guns on enemy infantry troops.

            Men and women who make these researches, studies, discoveries and unravel mysteries are scientists.  They are integral part of the society collectively and individually. Society with its well established law and order, facilities for research, analysis, observation, experiments etc. helps them to conduct their explorations and discovers in the unknown.  Without a society no scientific research and development are possible.  The growth and development in science and technology are in direct relation and proportion to the development and growth of society The more developed and advanced a society is, the better the conditions and facilities for research in higher areas of knowledge and learning there are. In their turn the scientists have theri9 social obligations and commitments to see that they contribute generously in the improvement of quality of life.  

            In modern India there have been many great champions of science and advocates of scientific thinking who paid their wholehearted homage at the shrine of pure knowledge.  But pt. Nehru stands above them all beaus the strove hard throughout his life as a man, leader and the first Prime Minister of India to inculcate the scientific temper among the Indian populace.  Once in an opening ceremony speaking on the spirit of Science, he said, ”Science teaches us new ways of doing things. Perhaps, it improves our conditions of industrial life but the basic things that science should do is to teach us to think straight, to act straight and not to be afraid of discarding anything or of accepting anything provided there are sufficient reasons for doing so.

Development and induction of such a multipurpose and so efficient combat aircraft coupled whither development of a number of strategic and state of the art missiles like Agni, Amahs, Prithvi, Nag, Trisha etc. would prove a great deterrent to the hostile neighbors and they would not cast an evil eye on the county.  As pointed out by the Prime Minster Incas has leant woo lessons in its 50 years of independence. First, if the country had ever lost it was because of lack of technology and not velour.  The other was that technology becomes obsolete fast and research and development had to keep pace.  LCA is one of our top priority project dens its successful completion would would be certainly a new feather in our cap.


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