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Essay on “If I were a bird” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I were a bird

Essay No. 01

          It is sometimes said, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride them. I fully agree with those who say this, still, I do not think anything wrong if I were to run the horses of my imagination.

          Accordingly, I’m in a mood to imagine myself a bird. Hence, I want to contemplate how I would look and feel and behave if I were a bird.

          Naturally, if I were a bird, I’d have a small body that would be well equipped with soft wings and feathers like every bird. I do not here want to go into the intricacies of difference in wings and feathers of various kinds of birds. It is because I do not want to divide the world of birds on any pretext like the artificial division among human beings on the basis of colors, race, caste, creed, nationality, etc.

          The most remarkable thing that I’d do is that I’d fly in the sky unhindered as the king or queen of skies as the case may be. It won’t be impossible for me to feel like Shelley’s Skylark to be somewhere near heaven from which height I’d pour my wisdom of ages down on the curious, puzzled humanity. Man is habituated to looking before and after and that is the cause of his misery. I’d teach him how to soar in the infinite skies selflessly.

          Perhaps human spaceships which display the feats can be no match for me since my flight is entirely selfless and arises out of sheer happiness and love for freedom and adventure, whereas any and every human activity of whatever dimension is a part of some selfish motive lurking somewhere somehow without fail.


Essay No. 02

If I Were A Bird

Oh! What fun it would be if I could fly like a bird in the sky. I would sail freely among the clouds and play hide and seek with other birds. I would make friends with other birds and learn their various ways of flying and talking, I would even learn the trick of peeping inside a flying airplane, from a safe distance.

Flying would be an advantage because by way of flying I would be able to go far away from pollution and smoke from the chimneys of factories. I would be able to breathe pure air. In this way, I would remain healthy all my life.

Flying also has another advantage of not breaking any traffic rules. No one would find me for over-speeding or wrong parking. I would fly as I please. I could go anywhere I wish. I would thus be able to escape all the traffic jams and mad drivers.

I would look at the Mughal Gardens from the sky and that to without tickets. No black cat security would be able to stop me from observing the dignitaries from close quarters. I could also go into the restricted areas. And maybe with luck, I could see the President taking a walk in the garden

If I could fly, I would be able to leave school whenever there is no work. By being with nature, I would learn more than what is written in the textbooks. My teacher would be nature herself, who would teach me her secrets.

The power of flying would also free me from problems like housing and transport. By flying freely I would easily find good accommodation anywhere in and around Delhi. Transportation would also not be a problem. Besides, I would no longer be dependent upon public transport like buses and trains. Thus I would always be on time and never late.

Because of flying, I would not need to buy any vegetables and fruits. Through my flights, I would go to the fields and orchards. I would pick up the vegetables and fruit of my choice. Constant exposure to greenery would do well for my eyes. They would no longer feel tired.

And lastly, I would be able to witness any incident from the sky. Thus I would be able to form my own opinion about the reasons for such mishaps.


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