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Essay on “How My Pet was Lost” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How My Pet was Lost


I have a pet dog named Jacky. It is a very beautiful faithful dog. it always accompanies me wherever I go. One day, I went to a park. I took my Jacky with me as usual. We played the game of ball in the park for some time. Suddenly, as I threw the ball towards Jacky, it fell in a corner of the park. The corner was a broken one and had not been repaired for long by the corporation authorities.

From the broken corner, the ball slid down towards the road outside. Without a moment’s hesitation, Jacky bounced down towards the road. For a moment I saw it making fast leaping and jumping towards the road but then I lost sight of it.


I waited for a few minutes but Jacky didn’t return with the ball. I was puzzled and worried. I went down to the road in search of Jacky.

Some bystanders told me that the ball had fallen inside a moving truck. Jacky had jumped into the truck and it had meanwhile speeded away. Probably someone in the truck caught hold of Jacky and didn’t allow it to jump out.


I reported the matter to the police but there is still no trace of Jacky even a fortnight after the happening.


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