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Essay on “Fashion” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Essay No. 01

Everyone should try to have some leisure and make the best use of it by taking to some good hobby or the other. Great  caution should be exercised; in choosing a hobby. We should choose a hobby which recoups our energy and provides relaxation and recreation.

Young people all over the world are becoming more and more fashion conscious. Young students, whether boys or girls, are crazy about it they want to look smart and beautiful by wearing dresses of the latest designs.

In order to boost the sales of their dresses, leading cloth mills and dressmaking firms engage reputed fashion designers and beautiful models. Fashion parades and shows are held in big five star hotels to exhibit  the latest dresses.

Fashion is no longer the monopoly of women. Even men have great fancy for it. In fact, the latest uni-sex dresses like shirts and jeans can be worn both by the girls and she boys.

Today, the biggest centres of the latest fashion in the world are paris, London, Hollywood and New York. In India, Mumbai , Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur, Shimla etc. have become centres of high fashion. Students generally try to copy fashions from films.

Fashion has permeated all spheres of our life. It is followed not only in clothes but also in hair-styles, shoes, etiquette or manners. Some people are content to wear fashionable clothes. Others go in for fashionable hair-styles. Still others adopt the latest trend in their speech and manner. All these people want to look impressive and attract the attention of others. They want to look different in the eyes of others.

Fashion is neither stable nor eternal. It is ever-changing. The change in fashion takes place so fast that people sometimes find it very difficult to catch up with it.

Students in India also have become quite fashion conscious. In a college campus, one can see both girls and boys wearing all types of clothes. Girls wear whatever their favorite heroines wear. Boys try to emulate their favorite heroes.

Fashion knows no frontiers. It travels across countries very fast. When students in India see  latest foreign films from Hollywood, they adopt the latest fashions from these films. They even imitate the way of life, speech, manners, actions, clothes, hair-styles of their favorite foreign actors and actresses. 

Some students spend a lot of money and devote  considerable  time on their makeup .they neglect their studies. Their books gather dust. These students hardly realize that  by neglecting their studies, they are ruining their own career. Students often seem to suffer from a mistaken notion that fashion means wearing clothes and other costly items like jewellery, etc. the fact is that sometimes expensive clothes and heavy makeup may prove counterproductive it may even have a negative effect on one’s personality. Some people look smarter in simple clothes than in expensive clothes. As the old saying goes, beauty needs no ornaments. In fact simplicity is the best fashion.

If student pursue fashion at the cost of their education, they will be left behind in their studies. This will spoil their prospects of a bright future. If they want to be successful in life, their motto should not be fashion but  ‘simple living and high thinking’

Unfortunately, college boys and girls have started regarding even smoking as a fashion. One can see a number of boys and girls sitting  in college restaurants and enjoying a smoke. Those who have costly brands of cigarette packets and imported cigarette lighters feel proud. Some students go to the extent of taking intoxicating drugs like ‘heroin’, LSD, Hashish, Marijuana, etc.

Drinking is also considered as a symbol of modern society and high fashion. These habits adversely affect the health of students. A conscious effort should be made both by the teachers and parents to dissuade their children from falling prey to these anti-social habits in the name of fashion.

No doubt fashion spreads like wild fire especially when fashion critics hail any new design as ultra modern. Slowly a fashion percolates first to the middle- class families and then to the poor strata of society. Once it becomes common, it loses it novelty. Fashion conscious boys and girls then look out for something else which is new and exclusive. But “fashion” should not be given wide meaning so as to include everything which is being followed in western countries. Due respect should be paid to one’s native country’s way of living also.

Whether the influence of western culture is a boon or a curse to the Indian youth, is a controversial topic. No culture is good or bad. After all every culture is an educative refinement, a product of an era. It is the understanding of a culture and methods of pursuing it that can make it good or bad in the eyes  of other people. Thus, it cannot be concluded that every western influence is harmful. Indian youth, instead of following the west blindly, should try to grasp the very essence of western culture and help it in enriching his own. Only then can true development take place.


Essay No. 02



Fashion is a word that defies exact definition. Here, we need not vex ourselves with the dictionary meanings of the word, since even if only partly understood, the word is as commonly used as it can be.

We can call anything which gets recurrent or in frequent use to be fashion. When armed with such a definition, we can term frequent lies told by politicians, short measures given by shopkeepers, cheating methods adopted by students, strikes resorted to by employees, cheating of workers in the matter of salary, provident fund, etc. by their employers and all such things as fashions.

When, however, we talk strictly about fashion, we rivet our eyes on particular types of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, etc. adopted by people, particularly young men and women in schools and colleges.

Man has actually been fond of fashion in all ages and in all lands. Go anywhere in the world. In each country people observing the same type of fashion will be seen which will, however, be materially different from that in other countries. Thus, fashion changes in time and place, and may be even space.

If we look carefully at the playing cards, we’ll find strange dresses worn by the kings, queens and jacks. These dresses are reminiscent of the eighteenth century English people who wore such dresses during that period when the games of cards started in a systematic manner.

Similarly, from the toys and figures recovered from ruins of various ancient civilizations as in Harappa and Mohenjodaro, the fashions of dress, beards etc. are quite apparent.

If we want to learn about the latest fashions we should go to some ultramodern college or university to have a look at dandies, fops and empty-headed gorgeous dolls walking up and down in the campus and then we can guess how youthful human energies can be wasted on trifles and to what extent.


Essay No. 03



Fashion may be defined as the current style in dress, manners, conduct, etc. Fashions come in and go out with the passage of time and the mood of the society. They are as changeable as the weather. Change and variety is the other name of fashion. It is in man’s nature to be fashionable. He loves variety, change and novelty. Old, stereotyped, stale and typecast things are not liked by him.. Change is the law of nature. Man can be called a fashion conscious being. Fashions and fads spread like a wild fire, specially among young men and women, living in big towns and cities.

By nature man is fashion-loving. He wants to be smart, novel, charming and fresh in his etiquette, style of clothes, shoes, hairdo, etc. and for that purpose he takes recourse to fashions. To see and to be seen is not unnatural. People never like to be considered out of fashion. No doubt when fashions become an obsession, they cause a lot of harm. Fashions can be said to be one of the root causes of progress of civilization. For example, the thirst for fashion and change has given rise to varieties of styles in writing. There are as many styles as there are famous authors and poets. Fashions come into vogue as a mark of social progress and prosperity.

People living in urban areas are more fashion-Conscious than their counterparts in the rural areas. In the cities and big towns thousands and thousands of people live and mix up with one another. They belong to different classes, faiths and speak different languages, and so have different styles. Their contact with one another bring into vogue new fashions and styles. Young men and women come into close contact with one another in the colleges, schools, universities, offices and other places of working, and so they can easily imitate one another’ s style or can improve upon the existing ones.

Films and T.V. are a great source of fashions and quick changes in them. Films have deep influence on the youth. Young men and women imitate the styles of their heroes and -heroines in everything—in clothes, ornaments, food and drink, etiquette, amusement, music, etc. Fashion is a craze with the young people. The modern youth would never like to be called out of date and old fashioned. They mistake fashion for good taste, etiquette and good manners. They run after fashion. They are virtually at back and call of fads and fashions, as it were. But it is difficult always to obey the dictates of fashion. Only people of the affluent class can afford to be always in fashion and prevailing mode of styles in dress, etc. Fashion changes so quickly. What is in fashion today may not be so tomorrow.

In the big and fashionable cities like Bombay, Delhi, Madras, etc., there are fashion designers. They are ever engaged in designing new fashions to increase the sale of dresses, etc. The beautiful men and women as models are used to display there latest designs and styles at fashion shows. In  five star hotels, etc., fashion parades are held to popularize fashions and dresses. Fashion designing is a big and well organised business. London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Hollywood Tokyo, New York, etc., are some of the biggest fashion centres. From these centres many fashions are imported to India as it were, in the form of dresses, ornaments, etc., brought from there. Then there are foreign films to introduce latest novelties in styles.

Many students in India are so fashion-conscious as spend lot of money for things of latest fashion. They spend a good deal of time and money in their makeup.  It is a craze with them to see the latest Indian and foreign movies. They try their best to have the latest of the fashion in everything for they are afraid of being called unfashionable, backward and out of vogue. Thus, they spend their precious time, money and energy foolishly after fashions. They do it at the cost of their studies, which reflect their complexes. They forget that simplicity is the best and evergreen fashion.

We are now a free country, but still slaves of the foreign goods and fashions. Oblivous of our own rich heritage, culture and traditions and history, many of us run blindly after foreign fads and fashions. This reflects a very sad state of affairs. No doubt change is appreciable and necessary, but it does not mean slavish and blind imitation of Western ideas, styles, manners and designs in dress. Such habits are not only ridiculous but also harmful. Copying others in the name of change, novelty, variety and innovation is undesirable and detrimental to our national pride and interests. Our folk, classical and standardized traditions, cultures, customs, manners, etc:, are so rich and varied that we can very well depend upon them to quench our thirst for change and innovations.


Essay No. 04



Most  of  the  human  beings  are  the  slaves  of  changing-fashions. Social  development  from  one  generation  to  another  is  responsible for  this  craze.  The  love  of  cinema  too,-  to  a  great  extent,  irresponsible  for  fashions.  Women  are  much  greater  slaves  to fashions  though  men  are  not  averse  to  them.  The  worst effected section  is  school  and  college-going  students.  Craze for  fashions is  responsible  for  lowering  the.  standards  of  education;  Fashions are  more  prevalent  in  metropolitan  cities  where  modern  mass media  is  the  most  sensitive.  There  are  many  spheres  off  fashions. Today,  the  old  concept  about  fashion  has  changed.

Rousseau,  the  French  political  thinker,  was  right  in  declaring  that man  was  born  free,  but  he  was  everywhere,  in  chains.  Man  has  always been  a  slave  of  traditions,  customs,  conventions,  ceremonies  and  rituals. Human  beings  are  also  the  slaves  of  changing  fashions.

Fashions  came  into  vogue  as  a  matter  of  social  development  in  a  society from  one  stage  to  another.  In  fact,  they  are  the  product  of  the environment  of  a  community.  As  a  community  develops  into  civilization its  members  come  to  develop  certain  ways  of   living.  There  is  a  gradual break  in  the  traditional  values  giving  ways  to  new  ones  in  keeping With  the  spirits  of  time.

Fashions  are  transitory.  They  come  like  a  wave  and  die  out.  What  is. fashionable  today  may  not  be  so  tomorrow.  Anything  which   gains acceptability  becomes  fashionable.

Cinema  was  at  one  time  a  craze.  People  loved  going  to  the  cinema, Watching  movies  which  were  being  talked  of..  Regular    movie-goers acquired  a  certain  prestige  value  in  social  -circles.  This  has  gradually :given  way  to  the  Video.  boom.  One  hardly  talks  of  visiting  the  Cinema it  is  now  in  terms  of  cassettes-  and  video  libraries.  This  also  is on  its  Way,  out  giving  place.  to  the  Cable  T.V.  which  is  now considered fashionable and a status symbol.

The  same  applies  to  the theatre,  dance,  music,  concerts  and  art exhibition. Many  people  belonging  to  upper  classes  go  to  these  places, not because they have real  taste  for  or  understanding  of  music  and  art but  because  they  want  to  be  in  the  swim.  They  would feel  backward if  they  were  not  to  visit  these  shows  and  seen  there,  and  if  they  Were, not  able  to  talk  about  these  things  afterwards  in  their  respective  circles.,

However,  in  respect  of  fashions  in  dress,  even  people  of  modest  means, feel  impanelled  to  keep  pace  with  changing  fashions.  In  matters  of  dress, women  are  much  greater  slaves  to  fashions  than  men.  In  recent  years in  India  feminine  fashions  have  been  changing  rapidly  and  have  heed, followed  by  vast  numbers  of  women,  with  an  equal  rapidity.  Examples A of  tight-fitting  clothes  followed  by  loose  dresses  are  a  current  vogue. In   the  West  more  and  more  women  are  taking  to  mini-skirts,  the  latest to  appear  on  the  fashion-scene  being  micro-minis.

Nor  are  men  averse  to  fashions.  Where,  male  attire  is  concerned,  we generally  follow  the  Western  fashions  blindly.  The  once-popular  hippies style  of  uncouth  dressing  is fast  on  the  wane.

The  worst-affected  section  of  this tyranny  of  modern  fashions  is  our school-and  college-going  student  populace.  Latest  made  dresses  is  the prevailing  fashion  among  the  large  majority  of  them.  With  the  exception of  extremely  poor  students  who  cannot  afford  the  luxury  of  fashions almost  all  students  regard  it  as  an  essential  part  of  their  duty  to  march with  the  times,  and  thus,  appear  up-to-date  and  modern.  Sometimes they  are  ahead  of  the  fashions  and  actually  give  the  lead  to  other  people in  this  respect.

Girls  as  well  as boys  spend  much  of  their  precious  time  on  toilet.  Boys are seen dressed in expensive suits of the lates cut. They are  skilled judges.  in  the  matter  of  dress  and  eye  one  another  clothes  with  keen interest. Each    tries  to  excel  others  in  the  beauty  and  design  of  his clothes.  Critical  remarks  are  freely  made  regarding  classmates  whose clothes  do  not  lit  them  properly.  Envious  glances  are  cast  upon  a  student whose  clothe are striking  in  design  and  perfect  in  tailoring.  Everyone aims at wearing  his  clothes  to  the  best  advantage  and  at producing a favorable  impression  upon  his  classmates.  Students  who  are  expensively, dressed  claim,  special  privileges  in  the  college  because  they  think  that their costly  clothes  are  an  Additional  qualification,

The results of this dandyism are terrible.  Students pay no attention  to class  lectures  because  they  keep  adjusting  their  ties  and  handkerchiefs in their coat pockets.  They  look  appreciatively  at their  own  nicely-cut suits  and  are            with  a  sort  of  self-satisfaction.  The teachers  are helpless in this matter which  results  in  an  increase  in  the  number  of  flops.

Female  students  go  two  steps  further  and  consider  that  in  trying to look  fashionable,   boys  are  trespassing upon  the  domain  that  rightfully belongs  to  girls.  The  females  have  a  natural  and  in-born  love  for  pretty dresses  and  college  is  the  right  place  to  show  this  love.  They  go  to colleges  dressed  in  clothes,  designed  to  bring  their  figures  into  relief. tight-fitting  shirts  are  in  vogue  because  their  dresses  give  prominence Their  anatomical  proportions  and  curves.  Dupaita  is  no  more  in  use the  same  good  reason.  Hair-style.  changes  with  the,  dress.  Scents d  perfumes  are  also  used  by  these  Juliet’s  to  excite  their  Romeos.

Such  students  evidently  do  not  take  interest  in  their  studies.  Going  to college  is  a  mere  hobby  or  recreation  for  them,  and  examinations  and Class  lectures  an  evil.

Fashions  are  more  prevalent  in  metropolitan  cities  where  modern  mass media  is  the  most  sensitive.  Diverse  races,  communities  intermingle greatly  at  such  a  place.  In  such  cities  grows  an  international  culture. Then such  fashions  penetrate  into  other  areas  of  the  country’s population.  There  is  a  continuous  crossbreeding  of  fashions.  Many fashions  come  into  vogue,  find  ever-increasing  favour  among  the  youth and  then  spread  like  an epidemic.

Movies  also  cast  their  maximum  influence  on  the  young  boys  and  girls. A heroine  wearing  a  new  design  is  aped  by  the  young  school  and  college girls  and  a  particular  dress  worn  by  a handsome  hero  is  imitated  by  the boys.  Firms  involved in  the  manufacture  of  readyrnade dresses  and materials  send  their  special  designers  to  movies,  so  that  they  can  observe the various  patterns  and  designs  to  exploit  the  tastes  of  young  folk.

The  moralists  feel  that  modern  fashions  are  an  encouragement  to  crime and  rape  and  should  he  curbed  and  stopped.  The  exponents  of  fashions the  other  hand  feel  that  in  a  free  society  sex-exhibitionism,  instead of encouraging  crime makes  girls  courageous  and  independent.  One pod  result  of fashions  is  that  more  and  more  girls  are  coming into ,open and taking jobs,  which  were  once  exclusively  meant  for  men.  Today  women  are  participating  in  national  and  international  activities  Working  with  men  in  all  fields.

The  earlier  concept  that  fashions  are  responsible  for  debasing the society  has  undergone a  change.  They  are  considered  a  source  of enlightenment.  This  is  becoming  quite  an  accepted  norm  in  our  society.

The  desire  to  follow  fashions  is,  no  doubt,  natural  in  the  sophisticated  world of today. But  there  are  many  people  who  have  to  follow  them for fear  of  Public  opinion  though  they  may  not  feel  attracted  to  a particular fashion.

A wise person is one who does not ape fashions blindly. An individual approach is better but most times the hold of fashions is so strong that one inadvertently becomes a prey and slave to it.


Essay No. 05



It is said that you cannot dip your finger twice in the same river. It underscores the law of change and flux. Fashions are no exception to this law. They come and go and change rapidly with the spirit of times. Fashions come into vogue and then go out because man loves change, variety and novelty. Old, routine, stereotyped, stale and typecast things are not to his liking. With the change in the mood of man, change in styles, manners, conduct and way of life also come about. It adds zest and liveliness to life. Change and variety is the other name of fashion. Fashions are infectious as well and spread rapidly like wildfire, especially among young men and women in big towns and cities. Youth is more fashion-conscious because they represent life in terms of energy, courage, expectations, potentialities, power, and vigour. They want to look smart, up-to-date, charming and fresh in their dress, etiquette, styles of shoes, and hair-do, etc. They want to enjoy every moment of life and are full of unlimited zeal and appetite for it.

By nature, man is fashionable because of his inherent desire to see and to be seen. New and current styles in clothes and manners, etc. help people in becoming more smart, attractive, fascinating and lovable. People never like to be out of fashion. Fashion is not ‘confined to etiquette, manners, dresses alone. It is pervasive and even religion, literature, and arts, etc. have their own fads and fashions. For example, the thirst for fashion has given rise to a variety of styles in writing and there are as many styles as there are famous writers, authors and poets.

Fashions can also be abused as well and become harmful when turned into an obsession. Then they mean waste of time, energy, and money. It is better to be a little out of fashion than to be in fashion at the cost of one’s conscience and discretion.

Young men and women living in big towns and cities, with a network of fast and effective means oi communication and availability of audio-visual aids in plenty, are really fashionable People. In the urban areas, thousands of people live and mix with each other and exchange ideas, opinions and interact freely. They belong to different classes, faiths, and speak different languages and, therefore, have different manners, tastes and styles. There are clubs, societies, social gatherings and get-togethers, which bring people into close contact with one another. Then there are hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, colleges, universities, schools, and offices, etc. where people see different styles and fashions and then try to imitate or to improve upon the. existing ones. Fashion-consciousness in cities is so widespread and deep that as soon as a fashion comes in vogue in London, Paris, New York, Berlin or Rome, it is adopted and patronised by people in India. The means of communication are now so fast that the earth has turned into a global village and the infectious fashion knows no boundaries of time and space. The people in villages, rural areas and remote places remain untouched by the waves of fashion, both, because of lack of means of communication and poverty. But villages and towns too are not immune as traditional values, modes of living and traditions are giving way to change and novelty. To some extent, they too are affected by new fashions, designs, patterns and way of living and as the process is slow and gradual, it takes time for a fashion to reach the villages from the cities through films, videos and personal contacts.

Films and cable T.V. are a great source of fashions and quick changes in trends. Fashions are liquid and changeable like weather. Till recently, bell-bottoms, midis, minis and maxis were-quite in fashion and now they are out of fashion. Again tight-bottoms, skirt-tops, salwar-kamiz and saris are in fashion. But fashion is unpredictable and keeps on changing according to the moods, fancies and ideas of the people and the influence of the popular films. Therefore, it is not easy to predict what is fashionable. Fashions are also influenced by glossy, colourful and eye-catching textile advertisements, fashion shows, propaganda of fashion and dress designers, articles in the fashion magazines and foreign visitors.

Now, people spend a good amount of their pocket money and earnings to keep themselves in fashion. They are very particular about their dress, hairstyle, cosmetics, shoes, ornaments and manners. Has not Shakespeare declared in Hamlet, “the apparel oft proclaims the man”. Therefore, urbanites, particularly young men and women always keep themselves abreast of modern trends in styles and fashions. Consequently, the tailors, fashion designers, cosmetic manufacturers have a booming business. They catch on the new ideas in circulation and immediately push fashion products to suit the new fads, fashions and thoughts. Fashion designing and technology is now an established branch of human knowledge, science and practice. It provides employment and business to millions of people throughout the world and there has been a huge investment in the fashion industry. Expert fashion-designers, technologists, tailors and drapers are busy day and night to cater to the needs of the fashion-conscious in society. They not only cater to the tastes of the people but also create taste and fashion and thereby earn huge profits.

Freedom is man’s. most cherished possession and the freedom to choose one’s lifestyle is of fundamental importance. Therefore, there is nothing to be ashamed of in being conscious of fashion. However, excess of everything is bad and should be avoided. Moderation should be the law in fashion as well. To live in style, dress well, colorfully and smartly makes life lively, attractive and zestful. In some mysterious way, it also gets linked to sex and its subtle and suggestive expression. Show and exhibitionism is part of a dynamic life and must be appreciated. Fashion-consciousness is a healthy sign as it appeals and pleases people, promotes togetherness, social interaction and enlivens the environment. It is misconceived to link fashion with immorality. But it would be certainly foolish to spend extravagantly on the latest fads and to run after them at the expense of valuable time, energy and resources. It is good to be fashionable but it is better to be simple and dignified because simplicity with dignity is the best and evergreen fashion. Change is the law of nature and so desirable and appreciable, but it does not mean slavish, blind and foolish aping and imitation of ideas, styles, manners and designs in dress, shoes, and hairstyles, etc. Our own folk, classical and standardized traditions, customs, manners are so rich, varied and unique that we can very well depend upon them to quench our thirst for change, novelty and innovation.


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