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Essay on “Developing Countries” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Developing Countries


Third World Nations

A developing country is a country with low average income compared to the world average. The ‘developing’ part of `developing country’ may be considered optimistic, as many of the poorest countries are hardly developing at all; some have even experienced prolonged periods of negative, economic growth. A developed country usually has an economic system based on continuous, self-sustaining economic growth. Development entails developing a modern infrastructure (both physical and institutional), and a move away from low value added sectors such as agriculture and natural resource extraction.

The term ‘developing country’ often refers mainly to countries with low levels of economic development., but this usually is closely associated with social development, in terms of education, healthcare, life expectancy, etc. The development of a country is measured with statistical indexes such as income per capita (GDP), the rate of illiteracy, and access to water. Developing countries are the countries that have not achieved a significant degree of industrialization relative to their populations, and which have a low standard of living. There is  a strong correlation between low income and high population growth. According to different theories, developing countries require the following sources:

(a) Basic attitudes and aptitudes, culture of the people: and behaviour of the leaders;

(b) Legal structures and institutions, rule of law, low corruption, strong local capital markets, extrinsic factors, geopolitical or commercial interest that it creates compared to other countries, place of the country in a historical and cultural system, inadequate reforms imposed in counterpart with financing of last resort, by multilateral organizations to get out of situations of deficit and indebtedness in which the country is placed.

The term ‘developing nation’ was used for the first time by demographer Alfred Sauvy and it refers to the Third Estate. The Third World does not include the nations of the liberal West (`First World’) nor of the Soviet bloc (`Second World’). In academic circles, the Third World Countries are known as the ‘global south’. Some critics assert that the word `developing’ is a misnomer, as the countries destroyed by European colonialism were successful economic systems before colonialism. The term ‘Countries of the South and the North’ originate from the fact that most developing countries (including many of the poorest) are in the southern hemisphere, and most` developed countries are in the northern hemisphere.

However, the geographic distinction is not perfect —for example, Australia and New Zealand, both developed, are In the southern hemisphere, but not included in ‘the South’.

 `North’ and ‘South’ are essentially for ‘developing country’ and ‘developed country’, but are alternatives which are often preferred by people from the South because they avoid the loaded reference to ‘development’. The term rich and poor countries suggest a greater focus on per capita income. It should be noted that this statistic only reflects the statistical average wealth of a country’s citizens; when income is distributed very unequally. It should be the responsibility of developed countries to provide proper resources or path to developing countries to make them developed.



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