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Essay on “Cycling- Its Pleasures and Advantages” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Cycling- Its Pleasures and Advantages

The cycle is one of the means of travelling. It is very useful in covering short distances. Hence we see cycles in most of the houses.

We can go on our cycles where we like. We need not only travel on the best laid out roads. As we travel on a cycle, we enjoy fresh air. Outdoor life gives us many advantages. New scenes meet our eyes. Our mind is free from serious thoughts. We forget the bitterness of life while we are cycling.

Cycle is also a boon to those in live in cities and towns. They have very few chances to enjoy nature. They are strangers to the natural scenes and beauty. To these people the cycles are of great use. It provides them a chance to go to the countryside where nature reigns. Thus they can enjoy the beautiful sight and scenes of nature.

Besides these pleasures cycling teaches us the geography of the area through which we pass. It gives us the opportunity to know the history and geography of the place we visit. Cycling gives good exercise to its rider. It keeps him healthy and active.

A cyclist need not travel alone. He can always travel in the company of his friends. As they go on cycling they can go on talking. When they see some beautiful object, they can stop and enjoy it. They pass their time in laughing, taking and cracking jokes.

Cycles are the cheapest conveyance. It is a good exercise. It improves our health. A cycle does not cost much and remains in good running order for several years.

The usefulness of the cycle is admitted on all hands. It is a poor man’s car. It is a time saving machine. We can travel on its eight to ten kilometers a day. Advanced countries are also using it and are very popular in these countries.


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