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Essay on “Challenges to Indian Democracy ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Challenges to Indian Democracy 

The working of democracy is based on certain assumptions; people must be politically awakened and the leaders should be honest and committed to the welfare of the majority. Apart from it, proper checks should be placed upon the people in power; independent judiciary should check the implementation of the laws which cannot serve the interests of the public and which are against the Constitutional Law. Similarly, free press should highlight the wrong done by the Government. Apart from these the nation should be an integrated one in which there is no tendency in the public to disassociate themselves from the nation. Democracy in India is still passing through an infantile stage and it has not been able to stand on firm foundations. There are various challenges to Indian democracy.

In India, divisive forces are becoming stronger every day. People belonging to different castes are trying to introduce caste factor in Indian politics. Clearly there will be a reaction to these types of tendencies from the people belonging to other castes and the society will be divided into water-tight compartments of different castes. Leaders of groups belonging to castes are claiming more autonomy for their own groups. Language and the sub-cultures or such other factors are dividing the nation into smaller groups. Under such circumstances, the unity of the nation will be strained. Divided nation will breed a large number of the political parties. This will create confusion in the state and hamper the working of democracy.

The political parties should be honest to the people and to their commitments. With the exception of one or two the political parties in India get their sustenance from the different regional problems. Such parties cannot have national appeal. They try to give preference to the regional problems and create confusion in the politics of the country. They will not be able to organize public opinion in a proper manner. Sometimes, a large number of political parties are responsible for the instability of the Government.

The political leaders should also be men of integrity. Unfortunately, we do not have such leaders in India. They are guided more by their own interests; that is why there are political defections in our country. Every leader tries to form his own political party so that he may be able to retain the position of eminence. It is because of this that the political parties are not functioning properly. The leaders are trading charges against one another.

Poverty is, perhaps, the greatest challenge to Indian democracy. Such people can be exploited by the politicians. Political liberty without economic equality is meaningless. Poor people can never take impartial interest in the politics of the country. Without the participation of the masses democracy cannot work.

There is a great possibility that with the passing of time, democratic forces may become stronger. Still it is necessary that challenges to democracy should be properly understood and tackled. For this also active interest of the people is necessary. Till political parties identify their ideals with the needs of the society it is not possible to make democracy a success. We should sink all the differences and distinctions in order to strengthen the cause of democracy.



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