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Essay on “Behind Every Man There is a Woman” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Behind Every Man There is a Woman


Importance of Being a Woman 

Existence of woman is the completion of man. She is both complementary and supplementary to man. Man and woman are two wheels of a carriage. The life of one without another is incomplete. Neither man nor woman  can  be what is in him or her to be, if either of them leads an  isolated life. man and woman both contribute to the development of each other’s personality. Our ancient scriptures assigned woman a place higher than man. It was nature , woman represented the destructive aspect of  nature, woman represented the constructive  one and that blessed was the  home where woman was respected.

 Woman has a far better and responsible role to play in our society. She was traditionally the  keeper of the home. The man was the bread earner and woman managed the up-keep of the house. She bore children and brought them up. Everything went by her wish. She was the first teacher of the child. She gave the first schooling to the child. She gave the child all the lessons which made him or her it to be the member of the society. The lessons on moral values and customs to be adopted by the child were learnt in the lap of mother. The role of a mother in a woman is unparalleled. It is the extreme sense of sacrifice and selflessness which is exhibited by a woman in the form of mother.     

In ancient India women enjoyed full respect and honour. They were the better-havles of men. No sacrifice or worship was complete without women participating in them. They had full liberty to choose their husbands and it had full social sanction. The custom holding of Swayamwara, that is, choosing their life partners, was in practice. With the passage of time. Position of  women could not remain what it had been before. During the Muslim rule the position of women was further lowered and she was confined within  the four walls of her house.

In modern India women are the active partners in the building of this nation. They have distinguished themselves in every field of life as politicians, statesman, orators, poets, scholars , lawyers, doctors, ministers and ambassadors etc. Mrs. Indira Gandhi created a Singular record  by remaining the Prime Minister of India for eleven years. All important services are open to women like Indian administrative service, Indian police Service and other relevant fields.

Women can play a better role in many fields. In social service they can work wonders far better than men. They can help in the eradication of social evils like Dowry system, illiteracy of women, pardah system, remarriage of widows and child – marriage etc.


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