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Essay on “An Ideal Parent” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Ideal Parent


An ideal parent would obviously be one who would perform his/her duties towards the children and do them well. One is inclined to believe that, all parents are just wonderful because they all do their best to bring up their children, to the best of their capacities.

This is true to a very great extent yet, it is often seen that elders as parents are apt to get lost in the labyrinth of unfounded love which is in most cases blind for their own children. I say blind because, mostly parents fail to see the obvious drawbacks of their own children. The qualities which people see in other children and dislike them for those qualities are not even as if noticed in one’s own children. This is what is blind. Moreover, not seeing the drawbacks is just half of it, parents are often noticed even justifying the wrong doings of their children. This in turn spoils the children, their very thinking is distorted. Children notice it all and they start understanding that, they can do anything and everything and get away with it as, the parents are there to support all their doings, good or bad. So far so good but, with this background, let us for a moment think what happens and what is very likely to happen when this child with doting parents grows up into a young adult and enters the world of adults for the first time. At this point of time, he is certainly disillusioned when, those outside his home never protect him and, on the contrary, are always ready to find fault with all that he does. Now, at this stage, he has to-yes, he has to fend for himself and face this ugly ogre of the world, and its wily and critical people all on his own. This is one very unkind fact about life that every child has to face early or late in life, on his own and bear all the consequences of his actions all by himself.

It is to prepare the child for this obvious eventuality that to my mind, is, and should be the prime objective of any good parent. The prime motive in front of any ideal parents should be to prepare the child for this rough world out of the loving lap of his mother. Once I feel that may be a child may have less than others to eat, cheaper clothes to wear than what others wear but, there should be no compromise in bringing up the essential values of life in the child. If a parent achieves this, he/she is an ideal parent for, the child is brought up to face the challenges of the world, all by himself. He grows up to be a strong individual ready for all and every eventuality that life may bring to him. Once this is done, the duties of the parents are very well fulfilled and they have a right to be termed as ideal parents. A child who grows up to be a lovely human being, a good citizen of his country is the one who has been brought up by an ideal pair of parents/parent. Thus, to my mind, an ideal parent is one who prepares his/her child for all the onslaughts that life may have in store for him/her. An ideal parent is one who produces an ideal citizen and an ideal human being. This is the essential quality of an ideal parent, the rest of the mundane necessities of life like food clothing etc. may be compromised upon but, an ideal parent should never, yes never allow any compromises in instilling values and strength of conviction in the children. It is these values engraved on the very young minds that carry the children through all the thick and thin of life’s span.


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