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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Flower Vase” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Flower Vase 

I am a huge flower vase, about three feet high. The colour of my body is red in the background and is painted with multi-coloured paints, makes me look just two beautiful for words to describe. I form a very attractive item of decoration at the entrance of the huge bungalow of my master. To add to my beauty, when multi-coloured Gladioli are fixed into my body, I look just dashing, and absolutely incomparable I am sure.

My life has been full of ups and downs but now, as I write this for you to read, I am very snugly and comfortably placed in a cosy and conspicuous corner of the entrance of my master’s palace like house, I don’t know what it is.

I had come here about six months back, and all the time I did not know that, the place, or rather the house I am in is not a home, it is a hotel of great repute in the town. The manager of the hotel is one Mr. Srivastava, and all the time I thought that, the mansion is his house. Only a few days back, I heard some conversation which enlightened me, and I learnt that this mansion is a Hotel.

It was months back that I was bought from a shop in Lajpat Nagar by my master, Mr. Srivastava. Before he bought me, my life had been rather disturbed. I resided in a shop with several of my brothers small and big, elder and younger, shorter and taller. All of us used to feel cramped and suffocated due to lack of breathing space in the small area of the shop. Our master, the shopkeeper had no space to keep us neatly settled and decorated in the shop. The routine was that, every morning we were taken out of the closed doors of the shop where we had lay huddled up through the night, and put outside on the pavement in front of the shop. Then, after the day was over, we were all picked up from the pavement and put inside the shop, all closeted in very little space, in a corner of the shop. The place was so small that we all lay cramped there sometimes inside the shOp and at daytime outside the shop. Life at this point of time was not very comfortable for any of us. Besides, for me, and my elder and heavier brothers, life was, besides discomfort, was full of abuses for us. I, for instance was so heavy and tall that, the servant who moved me inside and outside, daily had his quota of curses for me. I am sure I was no exception, all the heavy ones were facing these abuses daily as a routine, twice a day. At times, I would even hear the servant picking me daily going to the extent of saying in murmurs to himself that, he would like to throw me away, out of the shop. This abuse of course hurt me a lot but, what could I do? I wondered what I had done to earn this kind of an abuse. This had become a routine for me, and it hurt me twice daily, and I wondered why no one was buying me, as, this would give relief to the servant at least. 

Every day, after hearing the abuses, when we were placed in front of the shop, I’d start praying to God, and requesting him to send a customer to buy me as, life was becoming unbearable both physically and mentally. My torture would know no bounds when, customers would come and buy some of my friends and just ogle at me and leave it at that. This attitude of the customers hurt me still further as, now, I started feeling that, may be there is something wrong with me that is why no one buys me. 

However, I hear that, every bad thing comes to an end and so did my life at the shop, though after a lot of waiting. One fine day, about six months back, a customer came to the shop and, after seeing several vases, he picked on me.

Oh! that touch gave me so much love and confidence, and the low spirits at once rejuvenated in me. I was so happy that, at last, God had heard my prayer, and I hoped to get out of this place and get a new and comfortable home. The customer at once bought me and took me home. As soon as his wife saw me, she was angry, as, she had wanted a smaller vase, and that also a green one as, her drawing room was decorated green. Hearing this, my heart missed a beat, and I wondered what would happen to me now? It did not take him long to react and, at once he picked me up and put me again in his car and lo! and behold! returned me to the shop. Instead of me, as per his wife’s requirement, he bought a smaller brother of mine who was green in colour and went off. I did wonder now that, he would make his wife happy, who would think of my disappointment. Besides, having to come back also hurt my ego. All the time I was proud of my beautiful and attractive appearance as, customers who came to the shop always praised me, and that had built in me a great confidence however this ugly incident of my life shook my nerves and I lost all my confidence. I now realised that, it was not enough to be beautiful, and one should also be useful.

After this rude shock, I was convinced that, luck was out and out against me and there was now very little or rather nothing to look forward to. Now my stay was prolonged for I do not know how long and that shook my nerves and I lost the very will to live and enjoy. Anyway, life had to be lived and I continued to live in abject misery having lost all hope of any future for me. This depression continued for about two months when, once again Lady Luck smiled at me. It was about 11 am. when I saw a man very smartly dressed in a black suit coming inside the shop, and he looked at the variety of vases and, at last made his choice in me. When he came to pick me I realised that, it was the same Mr. Srivastava who had left me a few months back. I was, once again delighted to feel and believe that, after all I must be beautiful. Mr. Srivastava bought me and took me once again to my new home. This new home was a huge building, which I have only now come to know is a Three Star Hotel and Mr. Srivastava is the manager. 

Here in the hotel l am placed at the landing space or the lounge as they call it. l am in the corner facing the entry so that, I just cannot be missed by anyone entering the lounge. The lounge has a red decor, the carpet is red, the tapestry is red, and of course I am red. The setting is so flashy, and so all visitors who come here sit for a while before they go to their respective rooms. Now, after so long and after so many pitfalls in life, here I am very comfortable and living with my head held high. Every day the servants of the hotel wash me, clean me, and then decorate me with flowers mostly tall Gladioli to match my height. I feel so sophisticated in this rich environment and, to add to this is the pleasure I get when people entering the hotel showering praises for me, my size, my elegance, my attraction and my beauty. This is the maximum fun I could ever hope to get from life.

I do hope that, my colour does not fade nor, the painting on mi body falls into flakes for, I know that, if that happens I will no longer be fit enough for this beautiful setting, and will thus be thrown away, to die my natural death in the premises of a dustbin of the Municipality. I am sure with the loving care available to me here, my life would be long and of course very comfortable,


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