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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Diamond Set” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Diamond Set


 I am given to understand that, my beauty is unmatched, and so is my value in money. It is believed that I am the treasure for the elite rich of any society. A diamond is, I believe a very expensive stone, and, as for me I am a complete set of several diamonds neatly set in platinum. 

Regarding my birth, I am not at all aware of the time and the place, but I remember my younger days when I was being set in the platinum frame. When each diamond was being cut and polished, I very distinctly remember many of the little ones screeched in pain, but when they were all set together into one big piece of jewellery, it became a beautiful set that is ME. Yes I do agree there is no gain Without pain, so, only after all the diamonds bore the pain of being cut to size, the result was the beautiful ME. 

After being made to completion, I was placed in a case of maroon velvet and packed up. Now, I consist of six different items of jewellery i.e. one necklace, two bangles, two earrings, and one ring. When I am fixed in slot set for me in one big box, and I see my reflection in the glass in front of me, even I wonder at my excellent beauty and shine and dance with joy in my heart. I am settled in a jewellery shop in an area called Connaught Place. Here, I lie sometimes in the showcase, at other times in a Godrej Safe in the shop. Inside the Safe, I am believed to be secure, but believe me I get suffocated there and my prayers go out to God to send a customer quickly, who would take me out of this congestion. However, when I am set in the showcase outside I enjoy myself. I can see people coming in and going out, discussing jewels and other things of importance and most of all I enjoy people coming to see me and praise me. This praise boosts my spirit and I feel that after all life is not really bad here even in the shop. All this makes me feel fresh and alive till, I am once again put inside the locker of the Godrej Safe. 

This continued to be my routine life and to be honest at times I even wondered why I had to be so beautiful and expensive that I have to bear the pain of a long boredom, and no one wants to buy me and give me a new lease of life elsewhere. While these thoughts were grawing at me, at last, one day, I found my way to the hearts of a family. One fine day while I was inside the safe, a family called by the name of Taneja came to the shop. They asked my master if he could show them something in diamonds. This request of the Tanejas helped me come out of the safe as, at that time, I was the only diamond set at the shop. As soon as I was placed in front of the family, their young daughter, a bride-to-be jumped at me and requested her parents who were with her, to buy me forthwith. Since they had come to buy jewellery for her trousseau, the deal was struck at once and lo! And behold! At last I had found my rightful place in the beautiful neck, ears and arm of the lovely girl Vijayata. My present status, as I write this is that, I am a part of the girl’s dowry and waiting to adorn the young girl when she becomes a bride. 

It is my proud privilege to belong to such an elite family and that also to none other than their lovely daughter, and still further, of being a part of her trousseau. I am eagerly waiting for the big day when Vijayata will don me and people will admire me and appreciate me. It is by now certain that, there is no second to me in any jewellery shop at least in Delhi that is not my version that is what I often heard the customers at the shop say to my master. 

NOW, my dear owner is keeping me safe inside her locker, once again to feel suffocated, though the pleasure of having this cute owner duly compensates for my troubles and woes. I have to remember all the time that, this is all in store for someone who is the best. 


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