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Essay on “Age of Information Technology” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Age of Information Technology

This technological age is a highly revolutionary age and of all the technological revolutions are information technology has attained the peak of its growth.

This explosion in information technology was not foreseen some years ago, and all over the world information technology has helped spread of information from one place to another very , very quickly. Computers are the backbone of this information technology industry. The unexpected growth of information technology  is one of the greatest development in technology.

What is called ‘computer literacy’ is essential these days. In fact illiteracy has come to mean now-a-days the lack of knowledge of the operation of computers. Students will lag behind in the race of life if along with a degree in a subject  study computer science even if they have not opted for the has course in school or college, for, the operation of a computer has become part and parcel of our everyday life. In fact, some graduates, who have not taken up computer science in college but study computer science outside their college, have got jobs.

Computers help us to pass on a piece of information from one end of the world to another in a few seconds. E-mails sent through computers are a source of the quickest transmission of messages.

Some years ago we had to communicate with our relative of friend in the USA, England or Japan only through letters, and it would take some days for the letters to reach our relative or friend. Now, computers have made the world a global village. For, we give messages to our relative or friend abroad through e-mails which take only some minutes or seconds to reach him or her. It is very easy, it is very thrilling to work with a computer. Computer games are a source of great excitement to the children.

I have joined the computer science course in my school. Learning the basics of the computer science will help me to join the computer science degree course in a college. If I get a degree in the computer science it will help me seek a job in a multinational software engineering company where I can get good salary.

The software engineering field is fast expanding. The Indian software engineers are sought after abroad as they are found to be hard – working and efficient. Hundreds of young software engineers work in foreign companies and they are paid well

Once posting of accounts in ledgers and pass books in banks was done manually and it has to be checked by an officer and signed. Now – a- days, computers are used in banks for posting of accounts and this has made the bank operations quite easy computers are reliable for their accuracy.

I have a computer at home and it is convenient for me to send e-mails to my brother and sister in the U.K. as often as possible.

The benefits of information technology have not reached the rural areas. First the government and the educational institutions should be made aware of the villagers literate and then should be made aware of the benefits of information technology.


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