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Essay on “Advantages of Science” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Science and Industry


Wonders of Science


Advantages of Science


How Science has changed Our Lives


   Modern age is the age of science.  Every aspect , field and sphere of life has been deeply affected by science.  It has blessed us with many comforts.  Everything, big or small, proclaims the glory of science.  The fairy tales of yesterday have become true and real today.  The dreams of yesterday have become the realities of today.

                Every aspect of life has the imprint of science.  The various modern inventions of science – the heater, the press, the pressure-cooker, and many other things of our ordinary use, have made our domestic life very happy and comfortable.  Science has bestowed on us the gift of electricity.  It grows and cooks our food ; it lights our homes; it cools us in summer and warms us in winter.  Indeed, wherever may cast our eyes, we notice the triumphs and wonders of science.

                Science has conquered time and distance.  The different countries of the world have been brought closer to one another and the globe seems to have shrunk in size.  The long journeys of months are completed in hours today.  Modern man has conquered the moon and is trying to conquer the distant planets like the Venus and the Mars.

                Science has provided us with various sources of recreation, entertainment, delight and happiness.  When man feels bored and dull, radio, television and stereo prove very useful and helpful to him to break his monotony.  He feels fresh once again and is enlivened.  Cinema, another source of entertainment, also adds to our knowledge.  Press and radio, other wonders of science, have also helped men to attain knowledge and spread it.  They carry news to different parts of the world.  The world now is a closely knit unit.

                Even the field of medicine has not eluded the grasp of science.  Science has enabled man to put up a fight against incurable diseases like tuberculosis and overcome them. With the help of X-rays and ultra sound techniques, even the internal diseases of man can be diagnosed and cured.  Invention of sulpha-drugs, penicillin, laser treatment and many new therapies have gone a long way in prolonging the life-span of man and minimizing death-toll.  In short, science has provided the blind with eyes, the lame with legs and the deaf with ears.

                Science has proved equally helpful in the field of agriculture and industry.  The advantages of tractor and tubewells have not been hidden from any eye.  With the mechanized farming, agricultural production has increased wonderfully.  Science has revolutionised the modern industry.  The days of slow moving, simple machines, handicrafts and dull manual labour are over. It is an age of computers, automation, increased production and perfect mechanization.  Every field of industry today bears a clear and marked imprint of science.

                The services of science cannot be forgotten even the field of engineering and technology.  Huge dams and bridges have been built.  Electric power-houses and atomic furnaces are the gifts of science only.  In short we can say that wherever we may cast our eyes, we notice the triumphs and wonders of science.


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