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Essay on “A street beggar or An Indian Beggar” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A street beggar


An Indian Beggar

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Essay No. 01

India is said to be the home of beggars. Wherever we go, I meet crowds of them at the railway stations, near the bus stands, outside the temples, and everywhere.

An Indian beggar is a common figure in the country. He has seen her, there and everywhere. Begging is becoming a regular profession nowadays, Morning and evening, these fakirs or sashes are seen wandering in the streets and bazaars, begging for alms from door to door under various pretenses, Some beggars are deformed or disabled, others are quite healthy, but they only want to feed themselves. On the earnings of others. Only a few of them live pure and normal life and deserve our help.

Some of them are seen in worn-out clothes and others are wearing a yellow loose dress. Some beggars smear their bodies with ashes. They make a lot of money from their false appearances. In fact, they are a great nuisance and a heavy burden on our society. In other words, hoity which goes toothier support is wholly wasted. They not only become idlers but also undesirable members of society.

The beggar problem can be easily solved if the government makes suitable arrangements and opens schools to make them preachers and reformers in the present-day conditions of our country. It should start beggar centers to make them learn to work with their own hands. They will not only earn their own living but contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the motherland also.

Amongst beggars, we must include about fifty lakh sadhus of India. The public spends about one hundred crore rupees yearly for maintaining these sadhus. Efforts should be made to employ them gainfully so that they are no longer a burden on the society. Thus, the beggar problems in India can be easily solved.

Essay No. 2

A Street Beggar

Indians are superstitious and have blind faith in religion specially the ladies. So we see a lot of beggars roaming about in the streets with a begging bowl. Some had weekly round such as Tuesday, and Saturday. Indians regard almsgiving a part of religion.

India is a home of beggars. In no other country you will find so may beggars.  The reason is that begging is a profession in India. Many beggars are beggars by birth. They do not like to change their profession. They make their living with ease.  

All beggars are an object of pity. They wear rags. Some are seen in loin-cloth. They go about from place to place on their daily rounds. They are very persistent. Some wear long matted hair.

There are several types of street beggars. Most of them are professional. They are hale and hearty yet they do not like to work. They go from door to door daily. They use different devices to move the hearts of people. They sing ‘Bhajans’ of Soor, Tulsi or Mira. Kabir’s couplets are their favourite songs. They wear garlands of beads. Some of them are really disabled. Some are crippled and blind. They deserve our help and sympathy. Some beggers wear oiled rags around their legs. They pretend to be crippled.

The beggar is usually quite clever and even cunning. He has many ways and means of begging. He may go about as a pretended sadhu. He keeps a bowl in hand and chants a few blessings. He deceives the ladies, he may sing some holy songs on his musical instrument. Then he is sure of a good living. The children and women welcome such type of beggars. If he has a good voice, he earns a lot.

The beggar many sit just by the roadside, he may pretend to be deaf or blind. If he is actually blind, he may begin the name of blindness. Thus he raises pity of people. In some cases he may have a child or two who are clad in dirty rags. They cry and weep as if they were very hungry.

The people in India are religious-minded. The Hindus believe in the rebirth of soul after death. They think that if they do good acts, god would be pleased with them and He would send them to this world as men. The Muslims believe that  if they would do good to their fellow beings they would be sent to Jannat (Paradise) on the Day of Judgement. People can get bread, flour and money without doing anything. So they like to be beggars.

Besides these ordinary beggars, there are religious beggars. The Muslim beggars are called faquirs. The Hindu beggars are called Sadhus. Some of these Faquirs and Sadhus are very pious and learned. They have given up everything of this world.

The beggars are idlers. They cause a great loss of labour to the nation. Their manual labour could have been utilized in factories and mills. They would have produced useful work. The healthy beggars should not be given any alms.

Essay No. 3

A Street Beggar

Beggary is a slur on the face of every society. They are seen everywhere. Outside temples, schools and in the marketplaces, they are seen demanding money.  Usually market places, they are seen demanding money. Usually their condition is deplorable. They wear dirty rags with begging bowls in their hands. Everyone takes pity on them and gives them a coin or two. The beggars include lepers and handicapped children and women. Some of them are quite healthy and strong.        

Beggary is increasing day by day. It has become an organized profession of some of the people of the underworld. Many people belonging to the low class of society are forced into beggary. There are people who steel children and after making them physically handicapped but them into this profession. They become the bosses and inflict all the cruelties upon these unfortunate children to become their earners for all their lives. They only arrange for their paltry food to keep them alive and capable to beg. This is really pitiable. There are some beggary homes present in some cities financed by the Govt. but they are not enough and they are not properly managed. Unless some strict laws are made by the Government banning beggaries at public places, outside bus and railway stations, schools and temples, the menace will continue. This is one of many evils of our society and unless steps are taken to control all of them people will have to suffer about them.

There are some religious actions in  it’s favour. We are asked to give away alms to the needful to ward off our sufferings. The spirit of giving always alms is good but the way it is exploited by some selfish people is deplorable. Some very healthy youths are seen asking for money. Why? Cant they work? they can, but they have made it a profession as it is easy-going work. They can get coins anywhere without toiling for them. This trend should be discouraged and such people caught and put to some work otherwise they are to be a permanent slur on this society.        


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