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Essay on “A Journey through Nepal” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Journey through Nepal


A watching through the glass pane of the scarlet bus, I felt glad inside in the warm and cosy atmosphere. I was in the early days of my career as a journalist and a trip to Nepal, in my opinion, would have provided me an extravaganza of opportunities to build a platform for launching my career. It was New Years Eve and the festive spirit was in the air. Even Mother Nature was in a mood to celebrate, wrapping up the cone shaped pine and fur trees with a blanket of thick sheet of the seven crystals of snow. The small mountain kingdom of Nepal set aside on the border with India, earns fame from the mighty Mt. Everest. The tallest peak in the world has become as one of the peak tourist destinations in the world. With the advancements in the modes of trekking gear, these 8849 metres of steep treacherous climb is no longer invincible. Even then it sort of attracts mountain climbers to scale its height from all over the world. The snow clad mountain towers majestically into the blue sky above and ends up, tearing the clouds, in the heaven, a sight that drives most critics into oohs! and aahs! of delight.

Nepal, mainly a Buddhist community, boasts about one of the world’s most advanced, oldest and one of its kind. The people of Nepal have a great sense of pride and prestige in their culture, which has been passed from generation to generation in its original vigour and glory. The Nepalese traditions and beliefs have remained unchanged since the Buddha and Mahavira began spreading their faith, belief  and that, by any means is a very long time. unlike us. they have done everything to preserve their culture from the spreading tentacles of western influence. The capital of Nepal, a star studded city of Kathmandu, is a well-knitted cluster of ancient Buddhist monasteries and modern skyscrapers. A city based on foreign trade, a pleasant hill station gifted with scenic beauty, Kathmandu is an ideal place to spend your vacation in. A city full of light-hearted people, Kathmandu is one place recommended not to be missed on. If you have had an opportunity to visit this place and missed out on it, then you could consider yourself trifle unlucky. The Kathmandu market is flooded with luxury goods of quality as high as that of the advanced countries in the west. In the heart the city dwell a number of leading industrialists of Southeast Asia. Their glorious lifestyles have left many astonished; yet their modest attitudes have forged even their enemies into oblivion.

 I had already visited Kathmandu and was on my way to Mt. Everest. I had a camera with me but I didn’t know whether we were allowed a photo shoot. Thinking this for a while, I nearly missed out the chauffeur saying that we would have to resume our journey the next morning and hence we would have to spend the night inside the bus. Analyzing the current situation that had arisen I decided to take a stroll outside. I wandered up to a high cliff thinking about my career, my future as a journalist. The cliff was about 20000 feet above the normal ground and the view I got from there of the surroundings was quite magnificent.

Even though it was night, the pale moon and the twinkling stars brightly lit the sky. I was able to get a good look of the snowy slopes covered with the greenery of the cones of pine and spruce that dazzled silver like pale ghosts in the light of the night. I was so impressed by this god’s creation that I took my diary to write something about it but was man going to lag behind. Suddenly the sky was lit with an almighty bang that forced me to take one or two steps behind. Then I saw an amazing display of fireworks that sent me into a tizzy. The sky was brightened with an different assortment of colours, which were reflected from the snowy slopes to give it a 3-dimensional view. Realizing that it was past midnight and hence the beginning of the New Year, I was enthralled by the awesome sight that was created when man and god worked in such a beautiful tandem. Shedding a tear or two of joy, I thought I didn’t need a camera to fix this sight permanently in my memory.


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