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Essay on “A False Friend” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A False Friend

There are many people whom you call your acquaintances. There are a few people whom you met in a train, or he is your neighbour, but with these people you are neither very familiar, nor can you confide your secrets to them. There are some people whom you can call upon real friends. These are the people who will always stand by you through thick and thin. They would be prepared to sacrifice all for you.

Among your friends, you may sometimes come across a person who will love you so long as you have the foolishness to squander money on him. The moment you are in trouble, the moment you are in need, he will turn his back upon you and cease to be on speaking terms with you on one baseless pretext or the other. You can call him a false friend or a fair weather friend if you want to use an idiom for him.

His love for you is mean and selfish. He will go on professing his clove for you in the high sounding words so long as you with the oiliest tongue. He can admire you; he can serve you and sing melodious songs in your praise so long as he finds a pair weather running round you.

 A fair weather friend will never be constant. He will apparently show an enthusiastic interest in you. But he will soon feel tired of you and feel the attraction of some new object if he happens to be a wealthier one. Such a man is changeable and constitutionally incapable of a life-long friendship with any one.

We should always be aware of a fair weather friend and should not trust him. He is always liable to leave you in the lurch. He is not a friend who will be with you in need.

We should be very careful in the selection of our friends because much of the happiness and purity of our choice falls upon a bad or false friend, he will inevitably drag us down. In this matter, we should not rely upon accident. It is a matter of common courtesy to be considerate to everyone with whom we come in contact, but it is altogether a different matter to choose them as bosom friends. We should not try to be intimate with anybody because he happens to be in the same business or travels in the compartment of a railways train in which you are travelling.


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