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English Short Story and English Moral Story ”Neya and Her Dream” Complete Story for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.

Neya and Her Dream


The eight years old Neya lived with her father Rana, Mother Nita and elder brother Rohit. The little family happily lived in a beautiful village surrounded with beautiful nature. The village located on the lap of the mountain, with beautiful views of the snowy mountain. Neya’s house was built nicely and they grow a lot of plants and trees. The family survived on growing seasonal plants and trees. Their life is totally surrounded by the nature and beauty.

While they lived a very happy life, Neya did not love the beautiful atmosphere of the village. She really wanted to move into the city and enjoy the city life. She wanted to shop, move around the city, watch movies, eat in fantasy restaurants and cafes, etc.

However, there was hardly any chance that Neya’s family moves to city as they have everything in the village.

Neya felt asleep during the early noon and she had a sound sleep. Of course, she had a strange dream. She saw her grandmother in her dream as a fairy and her deceased grand mom granted her a wish. Neya requested her that she would love to enjoy the city life as she always desired.

Grandmother understood the desire of Neya, but still wanted to convince her that peaceful village life is better than city life. She told Neya, ‘Baby, you cannot have access to fresh fruits and vegetables from plants as you have at your home. You cannot breathe fresh air. You cannot play with animals. You can hardly find any trees. You will not find peace as you see here! You still want to go to city?’

Neya without hearing the concerns, asked the grandmother to grant the wish. The grandmother granted her wish but with a condition. Neya was told that she would only have 6 hours to spend in the city. Later, she would return back to village. Neya agreed.

Neya found herself in the city with her friends. She went to a movie, ate in a restaurant, shopped in the huge mall and understood everything told by her grandma is true in city. There is no peace, no silence, city life is fast and rushing, she cannot find any animal or even a tree! She realized that her life in the village with her family is more wonderful than the city life. She reached home.

Neya’s brother Rohit was calling her for lunch and she wake up from the sleep and the dream. She recalled the dream and realized that what she having now is abundant and joyful. She shared her dream with her family and they laughed at her. Neya also developed love for plants, animals and nature.

Moral – Love your family, love the animals, and love nature!


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