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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Independence Day – 15th Aug.” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students for Exam.

Independence Day – 15th Aug.

15th August is celebrated as Independence Day of India, our country. On this very special day, India got its precious freedom from the bondage of the British Empire. Independence Day is the result of the end of the endless struggle of the freedom movement.

This Independent movement took its positive turn on the appearance of Mahatma Gandhi to the political scene. Gandhiji instilled a patriotic sense in the mind of Indians. This resulted in the great struggle for Britishers.

Gandhiji invented two tools of Truth and Non-violence to fight with the British Empire, which really shook the basic foundation of the alien empire. Britishers tried to supress the freedom movement, at all cost, but Indians faced the bullets and batons with nonviolence. Finally Gandhiji started the “Quit India Movement,” in 1942. His ‘Do or Die’ mission was accepted by the people of India and the whole country rose in rebellion against the British rule in India. The Britishers had no choice but to quit India. On 15th August 1947, Britishers delegated administrative power to Indian leaders.

The 15th of August is celebrated with solemnity every year as the Independence Day. The National Flag is hoisted on all Government and private buildings of the country. Our Prime Minister unfurls “The Tricolour,” the Indian flag from the Red Fort, and gives some message to the countrymen. This day gives us the message that we should be alert and guard our freedom at any cost. Freedom is the birthright of every citizen of a country.

“Get freedom in the true sense, By turning India into developed ones.”


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