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Essay on “Effects Of Greenhouse Gases” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Effects Of Greenhouse Gases

The most prominent among the greenhouses gases is the carbon dioxide. The maximum amount of this gas is produced in America and Europe.

The greenhouse gases raise the atmospheric temperature. It is told by the intergovernmental Panel on climatic change that the Global Mean Temperature of the atmosphere has risen by about one degree Fahrenheit (0.55 degree Celsius ) in the 20th century. About half of it has risen in just 20 year. It is estimated by the scientists that the temperature   may rise by another half a degree in the next 20 years. By the end of 21st century the world may get warmer by about 3.5 degrees.

 The affect of this global rise in temperature is stupendous. It is likely to bring about severe climatic changes. It can lead to greater evaporation of water from oceans and water reservoirs. This means that world will become Rainer and more moist. This can make the northern latitudes greener. But it can also cause devastating floods, as the rainfall pattern changes the world over.

One greatly devastating affect of the greenhouses gas can be visualized from the almost certain possibility that the global warming will make the snow on mountains melt more quickly. This will mean more water in oceans and accordingly, some islands, and sea –coasts in certain parts of the world may get submerged. Such affect are already being witnessed in certain parts of the world.

 It is of utmost importance that the production of greenhouse gases at such an alarming scale should be choked. This will also reduce pollution all over the world, particularly in urban areas. The burning of coal, oil, wood, fossil fuel and emissions from factories, motor vehicles, etc., leakage of gases from refrigerators, etc. all add to the quantity of greenhouse gases in atmosphere and the global warming. Some gases used in refrigerators and perfumes are greatly responsible for thinning of the ozone layer ever the earth’s atmosphere. This also leads to global warming. 

The remedy lies in checking those practices and in making the increasing use of renewable energy.




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