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Country’s first fenced jumbo park to come up near Bengaluru. Current Affairs & General Knowledge January 2015.

As Per 2007-2008 Survey, India Is Home To 27,000 Elephants

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) -an international animal rights and conservation group -and the Bannerghatta Biological Park, Karnataka, have joined hands to create India’s first `fenced’ elephant sanctuary in a forested space that will allow elephants to move around freely within the secure area.
This 49.5-hectare sanctuary within the biological park -which is an extension of the Bannerghatta National Park -near Bengaluru will allow the herd to roam and bathe in ponds freely without being restricted by chains or any human interference.

“The Bannerghatta Biological Park is being modified which will allow elephants to live naturally . The sanctuary is home to 15-year-old Sunder, who was liberated by the Supreme Court in 2014 from a harsh life at the Jyotiba temple in Maharashtra where it was kept in chains,“ said Ma nilal Valliyate of PETA India.

Designed by PETA consultant and elephant expert Carol Buckley , a solar electric fence and a state-of-the-art emergency corral made of steel pipes are under construction at the site. “It is almost near completion,“ said Valliyate, adding the 49.5 hectare of area which is being modifiedfenced houses 15 elephants.

Though India -home to over 27,000 elephants as per the 2007-08 estimates -has a number of sanctuaries having elephants and dedicated elephant reserves, the one which is being created near Bengaluru will be the country’s first `fenced’ elephant sanctuary .

Elephant expert Margaret Whittaker who designed the elephant and mahout training facilities and safety measures will train local caregivers in the principles of “protected contact“, a method of ensuring safe interaction between human beings and elephants by keeping them separated by a sturdy barrier and using positive reinforcement techniques instead of the age-old routine of physical punishment to manage the elephants.

Referring to the upcoming `fenced’ sanctuary , PETA chief executive officer Poorva Joshipura said, “While most captive elephants remain in dire straits, PETA was able to make the dream of freedom a reality for 15 elephants, thanks to Bannerghatta Biological Park’s help. We hope the sanctuary will act as a model for elephant sanctuaries throughout Asia.“


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