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Complaint Letter Example “Write a letter of complaint to the railway authorities asking for damages.” Complete Application for all classes.

You had ordered a consignment of hosiery goods from Ludhiana. But during transit, the railway parcel had been tampered with and certain articles were found missing at the place of delivery. Write a letter of complaint to the railway authorities asking for damages. Give full details of the missing articles and the total loss suffered.


Wool Emporium,

19, Greater Kailash,

New Delhi.


              The General Manager,

              Northern Railway.



              We regret to point out that our consignment dispatched from Ludhiana has been tampered with during transit. We had ordered a consignment of hosiery goods from Ludhiana, which included two dozen woolen pullovers, five dozen sweaters, five dozen mufflers and three dozen socks. To our utter dismay, we find a number of articles missing.

               This matter has been brought to the notice of the concerned Stations Master. The damage is estimated at rupees four thousand. Kindly register this claim and make arrangement for an early payment. The whole consignment can be produced for inspection though it clearly shows the sign of pilferage. Enclosed please find details of the damage. Please give this matter your kind and immediate attention.

              Encl : List of damaged articles.

Yours faithfully,

For Wool Emporium,

Hari Parasad,



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  1. DIPAK KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I Dipak Kumar resident of Sitarampur Subhas para, near-Indira chowk, Dist-paschim bardhaman, pin-713359, would like to know you that the toilet which the passengers uses. But sir what about the charges. The caretaker always try to victimise the passengers and finally cheats by asking for the unwanted money….
    So I personally request you that please pay attention regarding this matter….
    Thanking you…


  2. Iqbal Singh says:

    I, Iqbal Singh travelling from Delhi to Amritsar by Swaran SHatabdi express train no. 12029.Train staff continually switching off the a.c. I have requested several times to the staff that not to do this.But they are in there own mood.I would like to ask the railway authorities that we are paying and travelling to the best train.Is that the comfort we were expecting frombthe railway authorities.
    Not only this the food which they serve is just ridiculous.Foul smell was coming in the breakfast.
    Can’t expected this.
    This is really rubbish

  3. Jagannathrao Puppala says:

    I am a physically challenged person who wishes to travel to Hyderabad by train during this pandemic time. how safe and convenient is it for me to travel to Hyderabad by train. I need to be taken to the railway station by wheelchair and put into the train along with the wheelchair. at the Secunderabad station I don’t know if I can be safely taken through the platform out, most importantly I don’t know which platform it comes on Secunderabad station. if it comes on platform 1 or 10, no problem else I have to go to the end of the platform and cross the tracks which is very painful and dangerous. kindly let me know the viable options in this case.

  4. Sujit says:

    Daund indore express 22943 there is no service for water no food I has call them they are not responding

  5. Raveer singh says:

    I am from morinda I just come rangian village for meet my friend we are walk rangian railway side and surprising to railway employees come complaining us we are throwing stone on railway and they speak bad words to US and slapping us I wanna immediately against reaction both of employee

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