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CBSE ASL Speaking Task 9 Answer for Class 10, “Your classmate slipped the Maths reference book” Prompt 9

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
Class-X (2016-17)
Speaking Test (Prompts)

Task 9

You observed that your classmate slipped the Maths reference book in her/his bag to take home without declaring or issuing. With your partner discuss:

1.  What the reasons for this action could be?
2.  How you could help her/him realise that it’s wrong?

Follow-up questions

a) What advice…? Would…accept…?
b) Would you involve the librarian…? Why?
c) Do you think it is unfair that only some students can…?
d) Would group study…? Why/Why not?
e) What do you think might motivate…?
f) Would it be embarrassing…? Why?
g) What do you think about…?

Candidate  A : Hey, Rashmi did you notice something in the library about Ritu.

Candidate  A : What?

Candidate  A : She just slipped a Math’s reference look in his bag without getting it issued 

Candidate  B : Oh ! That’s god. But, why did she do that?

Candidate  A : Oh ! she is week at Mathematics and I think she wants to use it solving the sums.

Candidate  B : But it is wrong. She must realize that taking things without permission is incorrect and morally wrong.

Candidate  A : Yes, it is a crime. It’s the beginning of evil habit even if she has just done it as a  prank.

Candidate  B : You are right. She must take permission for that and change her behavior.

Candidate  A : We should talk to her and tell that it is wrong on her part to steal things like that.

Candidate  B : But she may get annoyed and break friendship with us. Candidate  A : It may happen but we can’t allow it because she must realize it’s wrong.

Candidate  B  : Yes, let’s go and talk to her.

Candidate  A : Ok!


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