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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 11, “Students litter the classroom”

Some students continue to litter the classroom during lunch break despite repeated warnings by the class monitor with your partner discuss.

  1. Why is this wrong practice?
  2. What you think could be the best way to stop them.?



Candidate A:   Hey! Ravi have you noticed that our class room looks dirty after break?

Candidate B:   Yes, I have also seen some students doing this.

Candidate A:   Littering the class during lunch break is a bad practice. It must stop.

Candidate B:   Yes, you are right. But, what can we do?  Students don’t care at all. Even the class monitor has warned them many a time.

Candidate A:   Then, it is a serious matter. We must do something to resolve this problem.

Candidate B:   But, what can we do?

Candidate A:   First of all we shall identify those who are involved in this work. Then, we shall talk with them.

Candidate B:   Yes, it may work.

Candidate A:   You are right. They will certainly understand that they are harming themselves by littering the classroom.

Candidate B:   Yes, we shall tell them that it will be an invitation to flies and other insects and with them to diseases also.

Candidate A:   It also gives a bad impression to others.

Candidate B:   We shall tell them about “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” and request them to make a beginning from classroom itself.

Candidate A:   Yes, we will definitely convince them




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