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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “Coronation of the Commitment” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

Coronation of the Commitment


Giving rest to the long suspense around the much decorated and cherished post of President of a party which has historical significance attached to its name. Amid fading magic and declining health of Sonia Gandhi, it was more than necessary for the party core committee and think tank to turn the wagon forward.


So finally, the banton of Congress is handed over to Mr Rahul Gandhi. In a lone presidential contest Rahul Gandhi is declared the next president of the 132 years old political party.

Swearing ceremony will be held on 16th December 2017 two days before the much awaited poll results of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat assembly elections.


The journey of Rahul Gandhi is remarkable in many ways. Son of a legendary father and a dynamic mother, the Gandhi scion has been a mysterious topic in Indian political spectrum. His on and off charisma, politically amateur speeches, and sometimes literally funny comments have paved the way for his political career. A Cambridge educated, kurta-pyjama wearing politician who represents modern young India, has the looks and charm of his father Rajiv Gandhi. A political prodigy in making Rahul Gandhi has so many shades in his mannerism that we get to see two different Rahuls on a same day in different rallies.


Haters call him ‘Pappu’ of India and criticise him for being naive and immature, some even crosse the line of decorum and label him as a failed Dynast and inferior to his own sister Priyanka Gandhi. His rivals termed his upheaval as yet another example of Dynasty politics and accused Congress of promoting an unworthy fellow to such an important position just because he has the surname Gandhi.


On the other hand his admirers consider him as one of the most sanguine persons in politics today. A person who speaks from his heart rather than from his mind. A political genius who will eventually take our country to new heights.


It has not been so long when in 2013, he was elected as vise president of Congress, soon after, he started making powerful appearances in almost every election rally for Congress. But destiny didn’t welcome him with garlands, his succession and Congress’s declination both came simultaneously. Congress not only lost the general election in 2014 drastically but also lost back to back battles in various states. From Maha-Gathbandhan in Bihar to coalition with SP in UP, every step he took forward, dragged him two steps back. His opponents prophesied the end of his career. BJP president Amit Shah went on saying that Congress will be eradicated from every corner of the country.


But Rahul managed to emerge out of all these setbacks and attacked his opponents with new and focused vigour. Particularly in 2017, Rahul caught the attention of masses through social media. His sharp tweets against Modi and his numerous decisions generated lots of deliberation among the people.


It would be too early to say that whether he will be able to give Mr Modi a neck to neck fight in upcoming general election in 2019 or not but one thing is undeniable that after Sonia’s longest ever 19 years tenure as party president, Rahul Gandhi has a mammoth task in front of him. He will have to rejuvenate the dying eldest political party of our country and prove himself as the best choice for the prestigious post.


In a democracy, extream power and possibility to rule shouldn’t rest in a single man or party. Having equally worthy and competent opposition leader and party in the country is absolutely needed for a democracy like ours.


Rahul Gandhi can be that leader but for that he will have to go through various periodic tests and prove his mettle. Because standing against a storm called Modi will require him to be a deep rooted tree!





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