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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of The World” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 24

Facts of The World – 24

891. The Rhododendron is called the Himalayan ruby because at low altitudes its colour is a rich crimson.

892. The groundnut is also called the Portuguese nut as the Portuguese introduced it to India about 500 years ago.

893. Chandragupta II was also known as Vikramaditya. He ruled the Gupta Empire in India between 376-415 A.D.

894. The first ever rubber plantation in Indian was set up in Kerala in 1900.

895. Professor (Dr) Antonio de Oliveria Salazar was the Prime Minister of Portugal for 36 years and 83 days.

896. The Tata Iron and Steel Company was the first steel company to be set up in India. It was established on March 1 , 1908 at Sakchi ( now Jamshedpur), in Jharkhand.

897. The first ‘soft’ landing on the Moon was made by the Soviet (Russian) space probe Lunik IX. It was launched at about 11 a.m. G.M.T. on January 31, 1966. It landed in the area of the Ocean of Storms at 18 hours, 54 minutes, 30 seconds G.M.T. on February 3, 1966.

898. In 1926, the renowned industrialist and philanthropist, J.R.D. Tata, became the first India to obtain a pilot’s License. He was also the first Indian to fly solo in a single- engine aircraft from India to England.

899. The famous Kailasa temple cut out of the solid rock at Ellora (Maharashtra) was built under the patronage of Rashtrakutas, the great South Indian rulers.

900. ‘Methane’ is a gas that has neither colour nor smell and burns easily. It is called ‘Marsh Gas’ because it is formed form plants in rotting marshes and swamps.


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