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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of The World” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 17

Facts of The World – 17

821. The word ‘ballot’ comes from the Italian word ‘ballota’, meaning’ a little ball’. In ancient Rome and Greece, small balls were put secretly into boxes these were counted as votes.

822. ‘Love the word used for scoring in tennis, originated from the French word “I’ oeuf”, meaning ‘egg’.

823. The shortest will on record was written and dated on January 19, 1967 by Herr Karl Tausch. It read (in Czech) ‘Vse Zene’, meaning ‘all to my life’.

824. Homoeopathy is a system of medical treatment that originated in Germany in the late 18th century]. Today, there are more homoeopaths in India than anywhere else in the world, including Germany.

825. At the nearest point, Russia and America are less than 4 km apart.

826. Western Australia, arguably the world’s largest State, covers one – third of the Australian continent. It spans ove r2.5 million square km.

827. UNICEF produced the first charity Christmas card in 1949. The picture chosen for the card was painted not by a professional artist, but by a seven – year- old girl. The girl was Jitka Samkova of Rudolfo, a small town in the former nation of Czechoslovakia. The town received UNICEF assistance after world War II, inspiring Jitka to paint some children dancing around a maypole.

828. It was the Indonesian President , Sukarno who first used the phrase ‘ third world’ – he was giving the opening address at a conference attended by delegates from nearly 30 Asian and African countries in 1955. The term rapidly came to refer to the generally non – white and underdeveloped courtiers of the world.

829. Ham radio operators got the term ‘ham’ coined from the term ‘ham- fisted operator’, a term used to describe early radio user who sent a Morse code.

830. The Bronte sister- Charlotte, Emily and Anne- used the male pseudonyms Currer Bell, Ellis and Action Bell.


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