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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of Nature and Space Science” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 3

Facts of Nature & Space – 3

111. The lettuce contains phosphorous, lime, potash and vitamins A, B and C, besides iron.

112. The fig contains vitamin B, potash, sodium, lime, phosphorous and magnesium. It serves as a toxic and a laxative.

113. The banana is rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamin B.

114. The vanilla flavour is obtained from the unripe fruit of a tall fragrant plant called vanilla plan folia.

115. There is enough water is the world’s oceans to provide 365 million tones of water for every person on earth.

116. To save the earth’s resources, it is very important that we recycle the things we use.

117. The lady’s slipper is a wild flower belonging to the orchid family. One of its petals is enlarged, forming a lip called ‘ labellum’, which is what makes the flower resemble a slipper. It is found in many parts of Europe, Asia and North America.

118. People belonging to countries with a hot climate are darker than people belonging to countries with a cold climate. This is so because those living in hot climates are more exposed to harmful ultra violet radiation from the sun than those in colder climates. Melanin is a pigment produced by the skin. It protects the skin from ultra – violet radiation and imparts a dark colour to the skin.

119. Most dust particles in your house come from dead skin.

120. The smallest tree in the world is the ‘dwarf willow’. Standing less than 50 mm tall, it is found in Green land, an island in the North Atlantic Ocean.


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