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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of Animals, Birds and Insects” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 11

Facts of Animals, Birds and Insects-11

301. Of all beasts of prey, the lion has the smallest heart.

302. The duck does not feel cold in icy waters. This because of the wonderful coat of feathers specially designed and gifted by nature to keep it warm and snug even in the coldest weather. It even has an undercoat of soft downy feathers which grow very close together and trap a ‘cushion’ of air next to their body. This prevents the natural warmth of their bodies from escaping into the cold outside. As for the outer coat of feathers, it is well protected with oil secreted by a certain gland in the duck’s body.

303. The ‘Tuatara’ or ‘Sphendon Punctatus’ is a strange lizard- like animal. It is the only animal in the reptile group which is placed in a separate sub- group, hydrocephalus .it is found in the islets of New Zealand in Australia. A full- grown male weighs up to 1 kg but the female weighs only half of that. The strange thing about this animal is that it has three eyes, the third eye being situated in a hole between the head and the brain. The average life-span of this animal is 77 years but some may life even up to a 100 years.

304. In the Nilgiri jungles of India, a kind o chameleon is found whose length is only 45 cms but its tongue stretches up to 1.25 metres. Surprisingly, this kind of chameleon is also found in the jungles of Africa and Madagascar. Like the ordinary chameleon, it also changes its colour.

305. It is physically impossible for the pig to look up straight into the sky.

306. The roar of the lion can be heard five miles away.

307. The chicken lays the most number eggs when it is subjected to pop music rather than to any other style of music.

308. The fastest flying bird is the swift, which can fly a distance of 322 kilometres in one hour, that is , 5.3 kilometres in a minute.

309. The spider can spin a thread 6 metres long in just one minute.

310. The young ones of birds such as the goose, the duck and the shore bird, are born with their eyes open.


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