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Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his recovery from illness.

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his recovery from illness.


N-79 Pocket 3.


Delhi – 100 085.

May 15, 2006.

My dear Rakesh,

I received you letter yesterday. I am very glad to know that you have fully recovered from your long illness and in good health now. I congratulate you on your recovery.

Please take complete rest and care of your health. Pay my regards to your parents. Love to Alok.


Yours sincerely,



Letter No. 02

Letter to your cousin telling him about your recovery from illness 

15, Nehru Road

Patna 800003

7th June, 2008

Dear Akhilesh,

Thank you so much for your get well note. It was considerate of you to send me one. I am much better now. I can breathe without wheezing, so that is a definite improvement.

I was not aware of how debilitating pneumonia is until T had a firsthand experience of it. My experience with pneumonia has made me more sensitive to others’ ailments. The doctor said that it’s just a mild case of pneumonia. However, he has advised me complete bed rest this whole month. I get tired very easily so mom does not let my friends come over. Hence, I have taken to writing letters and chatting on the net. Chatting on messenger does not tax my lungs and I am really grateful to the person who invented messenger. It is easier to kill time. There is only so much television that one can watch.

I should be up and about by the end of July, so why don’t you come over then? We could rent some DVDs and have fun. Perhaps you could come for a weekend stay. I know Mom would love that. She thinks you work too hard. I will be looking forward to seeing you. Please brother, don’t disappoint me.

Yours affectionately,



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  2. Pratistha says:

    How to write a letter to your friend congratulating her on his recovery from a serious illness…..
    In 100-120 words

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