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Write a Letter From a Husband to Wife, Family Letter

From a Husband to Wife


June 23 , 200….

Dear Martha,

As I am within a few minutes of leaving this city, I would not think of departing from it without dropping you a line, especially as I do not know whether  it may be in my power to write again, till I get to the camp at Boston.

I go fully trusting in that providence, which has been more bountiful to me than I deseve and in full confidence of happy meeting with you sometime in fail.

I have no time to write more, as I am surrounded with company to take leaves of me.

I return an unalterable affection for you, which neither time nor distance can change; my best love to jack and Nelly and regard to the rest in the family.

I conclude with utmost trust and sincerity.

Yours entire,

George Washington


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