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Top Questions and Answers for “Model Departmental Interview” and “Model Non-Official Interview” for Candidates.

Model Departmental Interview

Q.1. Do you find your work interesting ?

Q.2. Do you feel it is too difficult for you and that you would require help ?

Q.3. Don’t you think you should take no leave as it seems that your work is suffering ?

Q.4. Would you care to go on tour to find out certain information required by the office ?

Q.5. Would you like me to do something to get you another post where, perhaps, you can be more useful ?

Clearly, the aim of this interview is to hint indirectly that the interviewee is not required, or is not very useful.

Interviewing Visitors

Q.1. We have decided to proceed with our scheme and your department can help us in the following ways. (Name them)

Q.2. Provision has been made in the Budget both for our scheme and your share in carrying it forward. I suppose there are no other difficulties you care to suggest ?

Q.3. We have consulted and informed other departments concerned in anticipation and I think your objections are covered. May I take it that you agree ?

The interview should proceed in such a way that each question must more or less call for a positive agreement and, at the same time, provide against any possible differences by a “covering up” question,

Model Non-Official Interview

Interviews with non-officials have to be more carefully planned. Here is an example :

Q.1. Government will welcome the help you can render us. I am assuming you will be glad to assist.

Q.2. There will be difficulties, but may I take it that you have sufficient interest in the well-being of your country not to let these impede you.

Q.3. You will be rendered as much official assistance as you seek. am, therefore, noting that we count on you in all circumstances.

Here it may be emphasized that the questions will be found to suggest their own answers, meet difficulties and offer help, leaving a positive answer as the only one possible if the interviewee possesses even the slightest degree of self-respect. The secret of success of such an interview is that it is directed at the self-respect of the interviewee.


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