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How to Installing and Configuring MySQL

MySql is the database of choice for a vast majority of Web developers who use PHP, because of its efficiency and ease of use. Plus, MySQL is free and runs on multiple platforms, and its documentation sis superb. When using MySQL and PHP, it’s easiest to install MySQL first, because during the PHP installation and configuration processes, you must tell the PHP configuration script that you plan to use MySQL, in order to activate...
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A Brief History of PHP.

In 1994, an incredibly forward-thinking man named Rusums Lerdorf developed a set of tools that used a parsing engine to interpret a few macros here and there. They were not extravagant : a guest book, a counter, and some other ” home  page” elements that were cool when the Web was in its infancy. He eventually combined these tools with a form interpretation (FI) package he had written, added some database...
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What is PHP ?

Its official name is PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor, and it is a server-side language. When your Web browser accesses a URL, it is making a request to a web server. When you request a PHP page, something like http://www.yourcompany.com/home/php, the Web server wakes up the PHP parsing engine and says, ” Hey ! you’ve got to do something before I send a result back to this person’s Web browser.” Then the...
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