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Sample Paper of Information Practice 2014 for class 11, CBSE. Paper No.3

Sample Paper – 2014
Class – XI
Subject –
Informatics Practices

Q1.Write  key feature of MySql (Any Four)                                                                                          2

Q2.Write Classification of Sql Statements                                                                                              2

Q3. Write any four important data type with example                                                                    2

Q4. Write uses of comment in MySql with an example                                                                   2

Q5Describe Following Comamnd with proper example                                                                   4

  • Desc Table 
  • Distinct
  • Where clause
  • Create Table

Q6.What is Relation Operator .Describe with example                                                                    2

Q7. What is Logical Operator. Describe with example.                                                                     2

Q8. Write IN and BetWeen… And Operator with example                                                             2

Q9.What is Order By Clause.Define with example.

Q10. What is Function. Write all type name of function.                                                                 2

Q11.Describe Following Function with proper example                                                                  5

  • Char
  • Concat
  • Lower/Upper
  • Substr
  • Rtrim
  • Ltrim
  • Trim
  • Instr
  • Left
  • Length

Q11. Describe Following function with proper example                                                                  5

  • Mod
  • Power/pow
  • Round
  • Truncate
  • Sign
  • Sqrt
  • Month
  • Dayofmonth
  • Dayofweek
  • Dayofyear

Q12. Predict the output of following queries-                                                     5

  • Select round(29.21), round(32.76);
  • Select Round(29.21,1),Round(32.76,1);
  • Select Trim(‘                     To be continued……   ‘);
  • Select concat(‘Catch’,’a’,’falling’,’star’);
  • Select concat(concat(‘inform’,’atics’),’practices’);

Q13.What do you understand by MySql client?                                                  2

Q14.Write Difference between DDL and DML commands                              2

Q15. Write command for list the details of all employees whose annual salary is between 25000-40000 2

Q16. Write the command for  all unique department number in table emp.                                          2

Q17.Describe the following  command.

  • Mysql>Select ename from emp where ename like’__A%’;
  • Mysql> select ename from emp where  ename  like’%L%’;
  • Mysql> Select ename,job sal  from emp where mgr is null;
  • Select *  from emp where comm>sal;
  • Select ename,sal,deptno from emp where comm is Null;

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