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Sample Paper of Business Studies 2014 for class 12, CBSE. Paper No.1




Time : 3Hrs                                                                                                               M.M.: 100


  1. Why management is considered a multifaceted concept?
  2. Name the term given to difference between actual performance and planned performance.
  3. Why dividend decision is known as residual decision?
  4. Why packaging is called a silent salesman?
  5. Name the level engaged in overseeing the activities of workers.
  6. Which policy of Central Government has moved India towards privatization?
  7. What is meant by “Span of Management”?
  8. Name the training method in which the knowledge of many departments is imparted?
  9. Differentiate between aptitude test and trade test.
  10. When deviation is said to be negative?                                                          (1 X 10 = 10)
  11. It aims at inviting more and more people to apply for the jobs.  Name and explain the process.
  12. “Coordination is not a separate function of management, it is the essence of management.”  Briefly explain this statement.
  13. You are the finance manager of a company.  The firm has earned a huge amount of profit in this year and management wants to retain the profits in business for growth opportunities without distributing any dividend.  Advise the management, if there are any negative impacts on the organization due to this decision.
  14. Length of production cycle affects the working capital requirement of an organization.  Explain how?
  15. Explain dematerialization of securities and insider trading.                           (3 X 5 = 15)
  16. Some products affect only significant group of buyers.  Identify the kind of products and also explain their features.
  17. Differentiate between capital market and money market on any four basis.
  18. Inspite of the best efforts planning sometimes fails due to its limitations.  Explain its any four limitations.
  19. Briefly explain the steps involved in orginising process.
  20. Explain with examples any four dimensions of business environment.          (4 X 5 =20)
  21. Some learning opportunities are designed and delivered to improve skills and abilities of employees whereas some others are designed to help in the growth of individual in all respects.  Identify the concepts and differentiate between them.
  22. Distinguish between NSEI and OTCEI.
  23. How are shareholders likely to gain with the loan component in the capital structure?
  24. Differentiate between the product concept and production concept of marketing.
  25. Do you think management has characteristics of full fledged profession?    (5 X 5 = 25)
  26. “The post of supervisor should be abolished in the hierarchy of managers.” Do you agree?  Give reasons.                                     OR

Explain the various steps involved in the process of controlling.

  1. What is meant by divisional structure in an organization?  Explain its any two advantages and any two limitations.                  OR

Explain the meaning and process of delegation of authority.

  1.  Explain in brief any three qualities of a good brand name. Also, explain in brief any three functions of packaging.                   OR

‘        Advertising misleads customers and increases the cost of products.’ Do you agree with this statement? Give       reasons in support of your answer.

  1. Explain the meaning and importance of financial planning       OR

Briefly explain the steps involved in process of financial planning.



  1. Explain the rights available to consumer under the Consumer Protection Act.    OR

Explain in brief any six remedies available to consumer under Consumer Protection Act,

  1. (6 x 5 = 30)





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