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Pending Payment Letter, complete letter of Business example.

Pending Payment Letter

This types of letters in a formal manner and should be straight forward. The reader should be able to understand the reason behind such letters. This letter is addressed to General Manager of a company who has not made a payment to the other company for using their services. The manager of the other company writes this letter to request the General Manager to make the pending payment as early as possible.



Rohit Sharma

General Manager

All Networks Internet Provider

Old Street


Uttar  Pradesh


 Shyam Khanna

General Manager

Global Info. Ltd.

31/ B

Sal Mandir Road



19th December, 2011

Dear Mr. Khanna,

First of all let me thank you for doing business with us.

However, this letter is just a reminder about the pending payment of (7 10,000,00). This amount has been pending from you for the past 4 months.

So, I earnestly request you to look in the matter and make the payment as early as possible so as to maintain healthy business relations between our companies.

If you have made the payment recently, just ignore this letter.

Thanking You

Sincerely Rohit Sharma


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