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Letter to a friend to sort out misunderstanding.

Letter to a friend to sort out misunderstanding.

Dear Shambhu,

At the outset let me express my heartfelt congratulations for your appointment as a Probationary Officer in bank. You had come to Delhi to attend the interview, and I was expecting you to visit me but I feel that somehow you have not forgiven me for my absence in your marriage. See Shambhu, we have been friends since childhood and I believe that one stray incident like this cannot strain our bond. I can understand your feelings at my inability to attend your marriage, but you should try to realise that the inability was more circumstantial than intentional. How is Bhabhi and other members of your family? And by the way let me remind you that I’ll be soon visiting Kolkata and I’ll put-up at your place only. Remember, even if you do not inform me, I still keep tabs on you from our mutual acquaintances. I have full faith on my friend and I’m sure that you’ll reply to this letter and in cease you don’t, I’m going to lodge a complain against you to Uncle and Aunty. Convey my regards to them.

Yours Still,



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