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Letter regarding unfair practices in the Railway.

Letter regarding unfair practices in the Railway.

June 24, 2003


The Divisional Railway Manager,

Baroda House,

Northern Zone, New Delhi.

This is to bring to your notice, the plethora of unfair practices which are going on in the Railways. On June 17, 2003, I was travelling to Howrah by Poorva Express and my ticket was wait-listed WL-3. Due to the huge rush of summer vacation, the conformation of WL-2 was complete and mine was the next ticket to be available for berth the T.T.E. of coach S-9, assured me that he will provide me a berth either from Aligarh or Tundla, the concerned T.T.E. was Mr. A. Noorani, No. 3212. However to my utter dismay, I found that wait-listed passengers of WL-10, WL-11, and thereafter were offered a berth while I was given false assurance. On insisting, the concerned T.T.E. showed his helplessness and deboarded the train at Mughalsarai Junction. The corresponding T.T.E. at Mughalsarai blatantly asked for Rs.200/-, which having no option, I had to shell out and reach Howrah. The name of that T.T.E. was Mr. K.L. Sharma, No. 1836. If such is the way of working of Indian Railways, the largest public sector, then one shudders to think about the fate of lesser fortunate people, who are not only harassed by the ticket checkers but also by the GRPs who extract money from them. This is a sincere request to your organisation that in order to bring credibility to Indian Railways, you should try to reform your wayward staff, instead of conducting raids, on ticketless travelers, as your employees are as much responsible as the WT travelers, for the loss of revenue to Indian Railways. Hoping to see an immediate action taken on the above mentioned staff and improving the image of Railways.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Nand Kumar


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