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Letter regarding the pathetic condition of roads.

Letter regarding the pathetic condition of roads.

March 18, 2003


The District Magistrate,

Mathura, U.P.


This is to draw your attention towards the roads of Mathura which are in a deplorable condition. To begin with, Mathura is a pilgrimage center and lots of pilgrims come to the city only to be welcomed by pot-holed roads that create a negative impression on the minds of the tourists. Every year the main thoroughfare undergoes a face-upliftment only to be spoiled by the showers of monsoon. On either side of the roads are heaps of garbage which stink badly. The Municipal Corporation turns a blind eye and acts callous. This is high time that the Corporator should be accountable to the public money. A lot of complaints have been filed before also, but to no avail. This is an authentic request by a senior citizen of the city who has seen the city grow and then decline due to the negligence of selfish elements.

Hope to see your goodself taking stringent measures for the betterment of road conditions.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Rabindra Gupta


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