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Learn Computer Network “Network devices” Lesson 3

Network devices


Without network devices our computers wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet as well as to other computers . It is thus very clear that these are very important devices and without them we cannot be able to work efficiently with our computers.

Some network devices are given in the picture that are used to form a network. Where when we form a LAN then some devices will be used and when we setup WAN some extra devices will be used. we will have a look on this that will help you to understand name of LAN/WAN devices.

network devices 7



NIC Card-
A network interface controller (NIC) card is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network. it is also known as a network interface card, network adapter, LAN adapter, Ethernet card) is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network.You can see the NIC card picture given below.

network devices 1


Hub is a device that is used to connect more than two computers together for data file, resource sharing etc in the network.

network devices 2


A switch is a telecommunication device that receives a message from any computer/device connected to it and then transmits the message only to the device for which the message was sent. This makes the switch a more intelligent device than a hub (which receives a message and then transmits it to all the other devices on its network). Switch is also known as multiport bridge.

network devices 3


Bridge – Bridge is similar to Switch. Bridge has less number of connecting ports than switch

network devices 4



1. Router

Routers are the physical devices that connect multiple different networks together. As its name tells us that this device defines the route for data packets. Like by which route the data will be forwarded if more than routes are available.

network devices 5



Modems are networking devices that convert analog and digital data for computer-to-computer communication. Analog data used on telephone lines and the digital form used on computers. It is Also Known As: modulator demodulator


network devices 6


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