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How to Write “References and Letters of Introduction” with Examples

References and Letters of Introduction

Letters about people – introductions and references- present problems of delicacy, tact, and sometimes legal considerations. The letter of introduction serves to bring together people you are sure will find pleasure or profit in each other’s company. Such a letter is never lightly requested nor casually written. Unless you know both parties well and are sure that they have mutually  compatible interests and personalities, it is best not to write a letter.

A letter of introduction should be brief and relevant. Since it requests that kindness and hospitality be offered to a stranger, it must include a sincere expression of thanks for the courtesies requested. This kind of letter may be mailed or given to the person to be introduced for personal presentation. In the latter case , the envelope is left unsealed. Of course, particular tact must be used in writing such a letter.

Letters of reference have to be written, since withholding such letters implies an obviously negative opinion. An employee, unless seriously inefficient and extremely dubious of character, should be given a chance to find employment with someone else whose requirements may differ from yours.

Write the good things and omit the bad. Condemn with faint praise in an oblique rather than a direct manner. For example.

“Her work was satisfactory enough.”

“Her typewriting is almost satisfactory.”

“Since Miss Wheeler has taken a refresher course in shorthand, her work should now show an improvement.”

“ I believe he has now stopped drinking and should prove more trustworthy.”

Reference Letters of Introduction

Dear Sadhna

My cousin Kamlesh will be in Mumbai next month to take a summer course at the Art Institute. As you know, I‘ve often wanted you two to meet, and this seems like an excellent opportunity.

Besides sharing your interest in painting and music, Kamlesh is as devoted a baseball fan as you are.

I know how busy you are with your new job, so please don’t regard this as an obligation. But if you have any free time, do give Kamlesh  a ring. I know once you’ve met her you will really enjoy her company. Anything you can do will be sincerely appreciated on my part and on Kamlesh’s also.



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