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Complaint letter about wrong parking vehicles

Complaint about wrong parking vehicles

90 C Block Janakpuri
New Delhi

Shri RC Jha
93 C Block Janakpuri
New Delhit


Dear Mr Jha,

I hope you will not mind my writing to you about the improper way of parking cars and two wheelers by you and your guests. Vehicles are usually parked in such a way that the front passage to the park is totally blocked or hindered and there remains no room to go into the park. You can well understand that the gate of the park is not a proper place for parking and also it is prohibited area for parking.

I request you to ensure that the parking of vehicles by you and your guests must not obstruct/block the entrance of the park.

With regards


Yours sincerely,

Ramesh jaiman


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    Area may a nay Jan ho jo bhada sa ratha hai un log ko parking karna ka liya jaga nahi milai thi hai jis ka ghar hai un log bhai ghri karta hai

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