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CBSE ASL of Speaking Answer for Class 11, “friend copies your homework”

Your Friend often insists that you do your homework together but frequently copies your homework instead of contributing ideas with your partner discuss.

Candidate A:  Hello Mohan, How are you?

Candidate B:  Hello Rohan, I am fine but I have something to discuss with you.

Candidate A:  Yes friend, what’s  the matter.

Candidate B: Do you know Sohan?

Candidate A:  Yes, he lives in  your neighborhood and a good friend of yours.

Candidate B:  Yes, he is but……

Candidate A:  But …. What is the problem.

Candidate B:  He always comes to my home to do homework. He frequently copies my homework.

Candidate A:  Oh! That is really bad. He should not do it.

Candidate B:  Yes, and he never contributes any ideas but depends on copying.

Candidate A:  He will become dependent on others and he will not be able to learn anything like this. He must stop this.

Candidate B:  You are right, but he says that he will learn it later.

Candidate A:  No, that is even worse. Habit of postponing will lead him nowhere.

Candidate B:  Yes, but how should I make him realize his mistake.

Candidate A:  You must be strict with him and tell him to do his work by himself.

Candidate B:  Yes, I will try. Thank you.



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