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CBSE ASL Answer for Class 11, “Class Monitor not wear proper school uniform”

Class Monitor is incharge of checking students for proper uniform. And often punish them when they are at fault. However you noticed that he himself wear different type of socks and belt instead of on which are part of school uniform.  With your partner discuss how this impact the class students.

Candidate A:  Hi ! Vinod, you look sad !

Candidate B:  Yes, friend. I am sad because of our monitor.

Candidate A:  Because of our monitor? But, what has he done with you?

Candidate B:  Not to me. But, I have noticed him using his authority for his benefit at times.

Candidate A:  Oh ! If he is doing such a thing. It is really bad.

Candidate B:  I have seen him punishing others class students for not coming in proper uniform. He imposes fine on boys for not wearing proper socks, unpolished shoes or using a different belt.

Candidate A:  But, it is his duty.

Candidate B:  Yes, you are right. But he doesn’t apply the same rule on himself. He comes to class wearing different socks or belt but make other follow the rule of proper uniform.

Candidate A:  It is really bad on his part. He is the class monitor and as a teacher must present a good example.

Candidate B:  The rules must be equal to everyone.

Candidate A:  You are right we shall talk to him and make him realize his mistake

Candidate B:  But, what if he doesn’t mend his ways.

Candidate A:  Then, we shall approach our class teacher

Candidate B:  Yes, that will be right. Thank you.



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