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Typography And Computer Applications Sample Paper. Class-12, CBSE

Stenography +2

Typography And Computer Applications Exam

September Exams(2014)     

 M.M.: 30                                                                                                                                                                TIME: 3 HRS



Q 1:  Write the procedure of changing ribbon on a typewriter?                                 

Q2:   What is Memorandum? How it is different from Official letter?

Q3:   Write full forms of the following abbreviations:

  1. i) BCA    ii) RBI        iiI) OIGS     iv) MLA                v) UNO

Q4:   What is the use of backing sheet?

Q5:   Write the spacing using::

Full stop; hyphen; comma; question mark;  dash


Q1.What is excel?Explain its features?(rows,columns,range,cell,workbook,worksheet   ,formula bar,name box etc.)

Q2. What are formulaes or functions in excel? Explain with example .

Q3.Name the methods of selecting contiguous group of cells?

Q4.What common service is provided by altavista,infoseek and google?

Q5. What is a search engine? Name any four search engines?

Q6. List Three Things That Are Usually Displayed As A Result Of Search By The Search Engine?

Q7.Name Three Boolean Operators Used With Keywords While Using Search Engines?

Q8. What Is A Keyword Search?

   Q9. What Is A Hit?

Q10. Write The Below Using Plus/Minus Operator

  1. Pets Other Than Cats.
  2. Orange Drink Other Than Ice Cream
  3. Biography Of Nelson Mandela(Use And Operator)

Q11. What Is E-Mail?List Two Advantages Of Electronic Mail Over Traditional Mail?

Q12. What Is The Difference Between Replying To A Message And Forwarding It?

Q13. What Is The Purpose Of The Signature File?

Q14. Send An E-Mail To Your Friend Jatin(Jatin123@Hotmail.Com) About The Reunion Of Old Friends In Sec.17.Write The Complete Format Of Sending An-Email Including Subject , Message Etc.

Q15.  What Is The Purpose Of The Antivirus Software? Give Names Of Any Two Popular Antivirus Software.

Q16. What Is A Logic Bomb?


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